Mack Wilds Talks Sex, Nas, Sex, Lonzo Ball & Sex With "The M+M+M Show"

Mack Wilds gives AllHipHop's Mr. Mecc and K. Lavenne one hell of an interview on "The M+M+M Show"...

(AllHipHop Features) SEX!!! Ok, now that I have your attention... Does the man known as Mack Wilds like giving head? Does he consider his album a classic? Does he consider Lonzo Ball an idiot for the Nas comments? Did he make the R&B version of Illmatic? Is he cool with being waffle colored? Well, he told MOST of these things to K Lavenne & Mr. Mecc on "The M+M+M Show." You'll have to listen to find out which ones though. Don't like it? Them's The Breaks! (See what we did there?)