Made In Brooklyn

Artist: Masta KillaTitle: Made In BrooklynRating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Alejandro Mojado

You may recall Masta Killa's introduction on the Wu-Tang Clan's 1993 debut Enter the 36 Chambers. His verse on "Da Mystery of Chessboxin" will go down in history as one of his greatest and as an original member of the W, Masta Killa has appeared on every group member's solo projects. As for his own solo project, MK was given commendable reviews for 2004's No Said Date for its basis in original gritty formula that made us love the Wu-Tang. Returning with his sophomore effort, Made In Brooklyn (Nature Sounds), the 16 track opus features more of the same ingredients, and Masta Killa brings that smidgen of extra kick that'll have you throwin' up your "W".

In recent times, it's been rare to hear an appearance from every member of the Wu on a solo album. The feat was accomplished recently on Ghostface's "9 Milli Bros." but Masta Killa spreads the crew throughout Made in Brooklyn. The proect contains a cameo from each of the original Wu-Tang members as well as lyrical talent from a few other Wu disciples (Killa Sin). Masta Killa laces the album with lyrics as only a student of the Shaolin style could. He swings his flying guillotine on tracks like "It Is What It Is" feature Rae and Ghost, and "Pass the Bone", showing listeners a mastery of his strategic monotone technique. Beat production is handld my maestros such as MF Doom ("E.N.Y. House") and Pete Rock ("Older Gods Pt. 2"). But, don't bother looking for any RZA beats, though he rhymes on "Iron God Chamber".

MK has honed his style and coupled with a great score is on track to return wielding a potent sword. Made in Brooklyn will foster more hope for a true Wu-Tang reunion and in the meanwhile keep heads banging (pause) for some time to come. RIP ODB.