Mark Ronson: Version

A person whose taste in music is truly diverse is a rare find. Even more atypical is a person who has a knack to put together compilations that, while sundry, leave a sound connected to them. The London born, New York bred Mark Ronson is of that uncommon elk. The DJ turned producer has complied a tasteful collections of songs on Version (Columbia ) that avoids staleness and provides the listener with a magnificent music experience.The album starts off on its feet with a cover of Coldplay's “God Put A Smile Upon Your Face,” featuring The Daptone Horns. This rambunctious song keeps your head nodding with its pulsing cadence provided by the Horns matching the energy of the original. “Toxic” featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard and the Tiggers provides a cover for Brittany Spears’ original hit. The song has the same addictive James Bondish quality to it that the original song had, along with the late ODB's interesting flair. Amy Winehouse’s contribution “Valerie” is sung beautifully, and still keeps that bounce of the Zutons original and Lily Allen’s “Oh My God” has a similar soulful feel attached to it that the Kaiser sleeper hit had. Robbie Williams even makes an appearance on this album, with a cover of "The Only One I know" (originally by The Charlatans).There are plenty fresh sounds to be found on this album, something difficult to achieve on a collection of covers. Version’s collection of heavy hits and indie songs, along with artists with a similar span of visibility make it possible, and can attest to Ronson keeping his ear to the ground and knowing good music when he hears it. Mark Ronson has delivered a version of music that you should not find yourself without.