Max B.: Million Dollar Baby 2 (Mixtape)

And the drama continues within the Dipset camp. As expected, Max Biggavel's departure from The Diplomats and Byrdgang wouldn't be complete without an independent mixtape and a few diss tracks. The rapper / crooner's latest effort Million Dollar Baby 2 (Gain Green), glorifies his newfound independent stature, while giving a super sized middle finger to those who ever stood in his way.

All hatred aside, what exactly is Max B. trying to say to Jim Jones? "Umma Do Me" is whiney at most; Jim Jones is probably laughing at this feeble attempt. Even when the Silver Surfer takes some personal shots towards Jones and even his fiancé, it doesn’t really hold any weight: “You are nothing / With no Max B. / I won’t help you / So don’t ask me/ Where’s my paper / B**** you owe / Chrissy think I’m cute / She wan’t to blow me.”

Life without The Diplomats sure hasn't crushed Max's flashy aspirations. By going through some of the tracks it’s obvious he's still the "Hottest N**** In The Streets" who's still "Poppin' Bottles" for those "Nasty" and "Freaky Gurls." You got to wonder, if life's so good for him, why all the hate?

Max's personal slogan, "Mad at the world because I couldn't get paid" rings loud throughout this project. Well, too bad Million Dollar Baby 2 is full of weak remixes, gunshots left and right, and annoying complaints. Listeners can’t really expect something amazing from a tape that ends with "Freestyle" featuring Styles P. shouting "Kill that f*****/ Kill that f*****" over cocking guns. This might be worth a listen to those diehard Dip fans who want to ride that Max B. wave, but the lack of new tracks doesn't give this mixtape any real replay value.

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"Umma Do Me"