MC Hammer: Jay-Z, The Devil, Christianity and Being So Appalled (Part 2)

Continued from MC Hammer: Jay-Z, The Devil, Christianity and Being So Appalled (Part 1)In Part II of this exclusive conversation with MC Hammer, the legendary entertainer reveals whether or not he truly feels Jay-Z is an agent of the Devil, the real reason he "addressed" Jay-Z on the musical front and how this whole beef started.  So let me ask you this, now we had a brief convo on this when it all started. Now I didn't think you were gonna go at Jay in this manner. What made you at Jay from this stand point? I mean honestly I thought you were going to do a short documentary or something like that, of that nature. What made you actually do a song and a video?

MC Hammer : I had no doubt in my mind, that if I did it from my perspective. If I used my creativity and use what I am known for and use all those elements and still address issues. That it would receive the attention that I wanted to receive. I thought it would have been the best approach and I had I just done the documentary it would have meant nothing and it would have been; 'Oh we have heard all this before'.

It is real strange that I what I did, they way I did it and the medium that I chose is so powerful that if you say your position is; 'I don't like this song it is the worse song ever, it really speaks more to someone not expecting me to be saying the things that I am saying and have the elements that I have. Everything from the Jay Z look-alike to the hook of 'Run, you better run run'. To the direct verses that are simplistic in nature, but are very revealing in what would be quote on quote 'a punch lines'. If you've noticed on my twitter feed, you've never seen quote on quote 'Hammers not lyrical'. But all of my lines from the song are being quoted. From "He stole my swag, to let's put the prints all over the bag" to "The Devil say can you give me a sign? Throw the Roc up that's one of mine." If you go from verse to verse you see that my verses are being quoted.

But I am not trying to be "Mr Lyrical." I am trying to be effective and that has been the same style I use from day one as an artist. Remember these are the same people who said from "Let's Get It Started" was wack, but 50 million people said "Where can I buy this?" But 50 million people said "This style and this Hammer guy, where can I buy it and where can I see this?" So I am not offended by the naysayers I just need a few more of them so I can know that I got something that is really gonna be hot. Right, I feel you. That was one of my points on Twitter last night before it started getting crazy. "You know Hammer sold...". And they were like "you can't talk about sales." I was like "You can talk about sales, because that does speak to someone’s impact, no matter what you feel or say."

MC Hammer : All the arguments they make are around sales. Then they'll make another indirect argument that is still around sales. "Well they doing stadiums!" He's doing stadiums with another act. I did stadiums by myself. No guests. There will be no guests tonight. Its Hammer time. Six nights and fifty thousand people a night! So the point is, when people are passionate about their position, logic goes out the door. I have hard time believing that Jay Z worships the Devil. In the video it seems like Jay Z is being pursued the Devil. Do you feel like he is in cahoots with the Devil - do you really feel like he is in cahoots with a Satanic force or something like that?

MC Hammer : My position is another line from the song. I said that 'I don't really have to go in on a fella, but that dude romance the Devil'. Notice I didn't say that he worships the Devil, I said that he romance the devil and I mean that. I don't even think he is an official Devil worshipper. I think he thinks it is a great thing to do for the way he positions his brand.

But there is a danger in that and the danger is that in anyway of romancing the Devil is to perceive by the occult themselves is that they a part of the click. That's number one, number two in his Anti-Christian positions and his continuous bashing of Christianity mixed with a romancing of the Devil, equates to a strong flirtation with darkness. That's what it is.  Overall, Hip-Hop has dabbled in this for quite some time. Everybody from Eazy-E to Big L to Big Pun to Biggie Smalls. There's a whole genre of music called Horrorcore that definitely dabbles in this too. Your thoughts overall on this topic, do you have any feelings overall with Hip Hop? Is that other stuff just entertainment and this has now hit a different level?

MC Hammer : I wasn't in it like that, so I can't speak on it. But this issue we are dealing right now, is 2010 blatant in your face and again because of the fact that I am a Christian, these things to the verse, he throw [Usher's] "Hotty Totty... got her speaking in tongues, she like ooh daddy by by you so hung." Again a shot and please include this Chuck, because this is consistent, another shot at Christianity. Even on that song when he talks about having sex with a woman and got her speaking in tongues. Consistent with the Christian bashing.

If people look at my response to Jay and they say, why is Hammer coming heavy? It's real easy, it's not even that hard to see. If Hammer is coming this hard behind his lines something isn’t right. You right about that. Think about what you saying. Why is Hammer coming this hard off his line you heard a thousand times? You right about it but I heard his other lines a thousand times.

Since I am hearing that other line combined with your influence and who you are. Then you address me, good then let me address you on all this. There are rumors, but nobody knows where this started.

MC Hammer : What I'ma say is that people think that this is a throwaway line from Jay. But Jay and I both know that it wasn't. Because it didn't start on record. How about that? Jay and I both know that it didn't start on this record and what he said is a result of something that was happening behind the scenes and he put it on wax.

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