Meet Sha Money XL's New Artist Tedy Andreas

Tedy Andreas is a product of that 90’s hip-hop we all grew up on and love.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

Tedy Andreas acknowledges some of the best rappers of all time are his influences. If he has what it takes to be one?

Tedy Andreas is a product of that 90’s hip-hop we all grew up on and love.

Hailing from Connecticut, but raised in Houston (which he calls his city), the “Dynasties” rapper stays in his lane for a reason.

Each song is equipped with gritty bars and punchlines, spitting nothing but truth from his own life experiences.

AllHipHop sat w/ Tedy in Los Angeles to chat about his upbringing, the first album he fell in love with, and the struggle of social media.

AllHipHop: Can you talk about your New York influences as opposed to Houston?

Tedy Andreas: Growing up, I didn’t get into Houston music until middle school, 8th grade. I actually got into the screw stuff ‘cause a lot of kids were listening to a couple of songs that were famous and big out there. I really dug into it, downloaded a lot of screw tapes. The NY influence was Nas, Mobb Deep, Prodigy. When I was younger, I loved Biggie. I still do. Nas and Hov are my favorite rappers. I was introduced to it at a young age. I was rebelling against a lot of things that were going on.

The first album I actually heard was 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ in 4th grade. My sister’s friend had it at the crib and left it there. I was in elementary school and saw that album everywhere. All of the kids were talking about it and I never heard it. I saw the cover art — when I put it in the CD player, I just fell in love with it.

AllHipHop: That’s how I was with The Eminem Show.

Tedy Andreas: I like Em too! My favorite rapper early on was 50 Cent, then Jay Z’s Black Album was the next album I got. I remember playing Tony Hawk’s Underground and Nas’ “The World is Yours” was in it. I didn’t know anything about Nas, I was so young. My mom and I were at a pawn shop and the Stillmatic album was there. It said Nas and I was just like “yo mom, I want that.” It was $4 or something, I think it was the edited version. She got it for me. I thought “The World is Yours” was gonna be on it, I didn’t know anything about Nas like that. I just started to listening to him and that song wasn’t on there, but that’s how he became my favorite. I just started studying Nas like crazy.

AllHipHop: Can you talk about the irony in Sha Money managing you?

Tedy Andreas: Yeah, it’s super ironic. We used to talk about that a lot. It’s crazy. It’s some meant-to-be type s##t.

AllHipHop: Talk about putting on for real hip-hop, real bars and lyrics.

Tedy Andreas: It’s just how I always rapped. I love DJ Premier because he’s from Houston and made his name in NY. He was doing his thing, making the boom bap stuff. I didn’t even realize it, it was what I grew up on. I just kept with it over and over again, and getting better and better. I just do my thing. People say I’m putting on for it, which is really dope but it’s not intentional. Either way, it’ll catch on. There’s a lot of ill splitters out here.

AllHipHop: You released your “Word Life ” visual. Talk about bringing the record to life.

Tedy Andreas: We shot that in March in NY. That song is pretty old, I’ve had it for a minute. We had an idea for the video and The Digggers came out and they shot it. We shot it in Queens, it turned out dope.

AllHipHop: How important is social media for your career?

Tedy Andreas: It’s super important and I suck at it. [chuckles] I barely post and people get on my ass all the time. It’s scary how important it is. I’m only 24, but I’m still adjusting. It’s really gotten there. I didn’t grow up with a smartphone. I didn’t get a smartphone until I was in 12th grade. I didn’t really adjust to the times we’re in. I don’t post for a week and people are asking me if I’m okay. I’m realizing this s##t is mad important, just the livelihood. I hate that s##t.

I really don’t even like to get on it. When I wake up, I need a cool hour or 2 to chill. I know people that wake up and just check Instagram. It gives me anxiety. I can’t do that. Too many people hitting me up, DMing me. “Yo, I thought you were gonna post that yesterday? What happened?” Nah but in this era, you have to have a strong presence. I need to get better at it.

AllHipHop: What can expect music-wise?

Tedy Andreas: I’m trying to put out an EP soon. Maybe even a mixtape, I don’t know yet. I’ve just been making a bunch of records. I’m going to keep dropping loosies and videos for now. Hopefully within the next 2 months, I can get a project out. Then I’ll do the actual album.