Miami will Beat the S**t Out of Ohio State This Year.

Miami will beat the shit out of Ohio State this year.

By Claude Clayborne

Reason number one 

The defensive line of Miami led by Marcus Forston, Allen Bailey, Minacor Regis and Olivier Vernon will stopTerrelle Pryor from hurting the canes on the ground. Furthermore, their pass rush is phenomenal look for Pryor to be under serious pressure all afternoon. 

Reason number two

Ohio State does not have the secondary to contend with Miami's elite corp of wide receivers. Led by Leonard Hankerson, they cause matchup problems all over the field, as they are big, strong, deep and fast. Laron Byrd and Aldarious Johnson who are bench warmers could start for any team in the country and the Buckeyes will find out Saturday afternoon.

Reason number three

Jacory Harris is a better QB than Terrelle Pryor. Pryor, after choosing to come to Ohio State to run a pro type offense but he has yet to look pro at anything outside of his performance against Oregon last year. 

Harris is a more polished passer and truly does run a pro-style offense under Mark Whipple. Both QB's are a threat to run the ball, but Harris isn't the threat like Pryor is to go the distance. However, Pryor is never going to pass for north of 3,000 yards as Harris did last year.

Reason number four

Ohio State is choke artist central in all sports much less football.

USC came into Columbus and won a hard fought game last year. We all know of OSU's troubles with SEC schools as of late so it makes sense to me that Miami is going to do the same to Ohio State at home. 

Reason number five

Miami SWAG, the Canes play loose and relaxed with a embarrassing wealth of riches at every position besides LB. Ohio State and Jim Tressel and his "anti-swag" sweater vests, and conservative football have nothing to do with South Beach and it will show Saturday. 

Reason number six

Ohio State robbed Miami for a national title in 2002. While the players were younger the facts still remain that Miami owes Ohio State an ass whooping after a bogus pass interference call in the end zone costing the Canes a national title. The Clarrett/Doss boys should still be thanking their lucky stars for that one.

In ending I think Ohio is a class act and a fine team, but they will have no answers for Harris, Bailey, Hankerson and company Saturday afternoon in Columbus. THE U is back and we will all be witness.

Don’t agree with me? Tell me why? I got more reasons for Ohio State being #hotgarbage so give me a reason to tell you more. 

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