Michael B Jordan Is Open To A Creed Statue Like Rocky In Philly

Chuck Creekmur talks to MBJ about "Creed 2" and the evolution of the Rocky-spawned franchise.

(AllHipHop Features) Growing up, Philly was like my second home as I started to venture out of my home state of Delaware. Philly has a rich legacy of music, Hip-Hop culture, and is known to crank out some of the hardest warriors in boxing. There is a huge, albeit controversial Rocky statue in center city and an honorary commemorative statue of legendary Philadelphia boxer Joe Frazier?

What does “Creed II” star Michael B. Jordan think of the possibility of having an Adonis Creed statue in the gritty city? In an interview with Chuck Creekmur, Jordan talks about this and more about “Creed II.”

He doesn’t say a lot, but the boy language in our video says much more. “In the future, I think that might be interesting to get,” he said with a smile.”That would be pretty cool. Pretty cool.”

Truthfully, the possibilities are endless as the Creed franchise continues to crank out compelling characters with depth and also, revisits old favorites like Rocky Balboa, Ivan Drago and more.

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MBJ insisted it is a bit early to look for Mr. T of Rocky III fame to show up though.

“The fact that we finished the second one,the fans are loving it. We’re doing things fresh with the characters and the story line. I would love to see that grow, [but] I have no idea where that’s going in the future. But, it would be cool to do a ‘Creed 3,’ ‘Creed 4,’ he said.

No rappers have yet to creep up in a Rocky or Creed movie yet, but that’s not out of the question, according to MBJ.

“50’s doing his thing on Power. Omari Hardwick’s another one,” the actor conveyed. “There’s a lot of dope artists out there honestly that might be able to find their way into the Creed franchise also.”

More than any other characters and future story lines, she moment is all about Adonis Creed and how he evolves with this family, Bianca Taylor (played by Tessa Thompson) and, of course, his adversaries in the ring.

“He’s starting his own family, that he never really had growing up. You know, he coming up out of the system. Foster care, stuff like that,” MBJ said. “The fact that he’s getting engaged, having a daughter. I think that’s really big for him out of the ring, which changes his mentality in the ring also.”

“Creed II” is in theaters tonight nationwide.