Michael Jackson In His Own Words: Jay-Z, Biggie, Hip-Hop

Check out this candid 2001 interview from Vibe.com with the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. The interview is very interesting. Michael chats about N’Sync, B.I.G., Jay-Z, Hip-Hop and his thoughts on music in general. R.I.P. Michael Jackson!How does it feel to be re-entering the market and competing in sales with likes of ‘N Sync and Britney, kids who were being born at the height of your fame?Michael Jackson: It’s a rarity I think/ I had #1 records in 1967 and 69 and still entered the charts in 2001 in #1. I don’t think any other artist has that range. It’s a great honor, I’m happy. I don’t what else to say. I’m glad people accept what I do. What are your thoughts on the current state of R&B?I don’t categorize music. Music is Music. They change the word R&B to rock and roll. It’s always been, from Fats Domino to Little Richard, to Chuck Berry. How can we discriminate, it is what it is, it’s great music, you know. What are your feelings about Hip-Hop?I like a lot of it, a lot of it. I like the music. I don’t like the dancing that much. It looks like you’re doing aerobics. What made you put Biggie on your album?We were looking for a rap part and it wasn’t my idea, actually it was Rodney Jerkins, one of the writer producers working on the album. It was my idea to put a rap part on the song. And he said, I know just the perfect one – Biggie Smalls. He put it in and it worked perfectly. It was a rap that was never heard before. Why did you choose Jay-Z on the remix of the first single?Because he’s hip, he’s with kids today. They like his work. He tapped into the nerve of popular culture. He’s the new thing, the kids like him. It just made good sense. What was it like for you to appear at New York’s hip hop concert Summer Jam as Jay Z’s guest?I just showed up and gave him a hug. It was tumultuous explosion of applause and stomping, it was a lovely, lovely welcome and I was happy about that. It was a great feeling – the love, the love. To read the full interview click here.