Mixtape Download: Billy Blue - 36 Reasons Reloaded HD

Poe Boy’s latest release 36 Reasons Reloaded comes from New Rochelle, New York native Billy Blue. Billy Blue is signed to Interscope through a joint venture between Poe Boy, Akon’s Konvict Music and Timbaland’s Mosely Music Group. Billy Blue spent a few years in juvie as a result of a tough lifestyle. He ended up living in Haiti with a few relatives for a time and finally, ended up in Miami. After earning a high school diploma and trying college, Billy Blue ended up in a local Miami recording studio and started his career. His first record “Ball Like a Dog” garnered the attention of Miami powerhouse, Poe Boy Records. “I received 2 calls in the same week,” says Blue. “I met with both companies and really clicked with Poe Boy Entertainment. I decided to sign with them almost immediately.” “What sets me apart from everyone in this game is my life experiences. I have been through so many crazy struggles and I rap about things I know – things I have been through. I am another normal person from the streets, rap was NOT my life – it was not something that I was destined to do, it is something that saved me from this messed up life that I have lived,” Billy Blue stated. “I have regrets but I was trying to survive, I am thankful that I do not have to live that life anymore and I promise to give back once I make it.”Download Billy Blue's 36 Reasons Reloaded: HD Here