Mixtape Download: Dolla's Final Mixtape

Born in Chicago, Illinois as a twin, Dolla’s sibling died at birth.

Still, as the only boy amongst two sisters, the light-eyed MC admits to being

spoiled. "We’d clean the house every Sunday but my only job was to take

out the trash," says Dolla. As a five year-old Dolla sat on his parent’s

bed with his elder sister, Divinity, as their father took his own life.

Dolla addressed his father’s death and his own mortality in one

of his songs, “Rainy Nights”: “Papa died at 25 so he must have been great, they

say the good die young, I guess I’m on my way.” Overcoming the obstacles of life

Dolla remained persistent on his musical journey Forming a group called Da Razkalz

Cru and eventually going solounder The Gang Entertainment/ Konvict Muzik/Jive while also modeling for Sean John clothing. Upon his return to LA to complete his debut album tragedy took place once more. On May 18th 2009, Dolla’s life was cut short by a cowardly act. Family, friends and fans of the late rapper continue to long for justice and closure. The Miseducation of Dolla is an exclusive mix-tape dedicated to the many supporters of the late rapper, Dolla and his family’s movement for justice.

Download Link: Dolla-Miseducation of Dolla- Download