Mixtape: J. Period Presents: Michael Jackson: 'Man or the Music'

DJ J. Period has teamed with Spike Lee & 40Acres.com to drop a tribute mixture to the music of Michael Jackson, to celebrate what would have been his 52nd birthday today (August 29th). J. Period conceived the 80-minute "Man or the Music" mixtape on the eve of Michael Jackson's passing. The mixtape features Michael Jackson's classic hits mixed with rare demo versions, as well as behind-the-scenes clips. The Michael Jackson limited edition "Man or the Music (40 Acres Edition) will be available for free during Spike Lee's 2nd Annual Brooklyn Loves MJ celebration, which is taking place in Prospect Park's Nethermead Field. The BKMJ celebration, which is presented by Spike Lee, drew over 25,000 people during the inaugural event in the Brooklyn park last year. Additionally, J. Period has made the mixtape available for download on his official site, www.jperiod.com/mj. "This project originated on the night Michael passed last year, when I was asked by a few promotions companies to pull MJ tracks for a DJ blast," J. Period explained to AllHipHop.com. "Once I started pulling records, I found myself unable to stop, and the next thing I knew I had stayed up all night making the original version of “Man or the Music” -- a stream-of-consciousness mix very different from the usual process for making my tapes. The following morning, while the media was circling like vultures around every negative aspect of Michael’s life, I made the mix available online and in less than an hour I had 15K downloads, and over 30K after the first 24 hours. One thing I found that we all have in common: no matter what we think of Michael Jackson’s life, no one can front on his music. And that day, everyone needed their fix." J. Period is currently working on new releases with John Legend and The Roots, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Skillz, Q-Tip and others. To download the Man or the Music mixtape by J. Period, click here.