Mixtape Review: Knowledge Medina & Numonics' "Never Enough" [EP]

Rating: 7/10

Independently, you may have heard of both of the people responsible for Never Enough; Knowledge Medina is a battle rapper to the core and has several appearances on GrindTimeNow.net (videos of his handiwork are all over YouTube, if interested), while the Florida producer Numonics has silently crafted a name associated with quality Hip-Hop, working with the likes of Co$$, J NiCS, REKS, and more. It makes sense for the two Florida representatives to work together on an EP, and Never Enough should please a majority of Hip-Hop fans despite its flaws.


Numonics is rock-solid with his production throughout the EP, setting the stage perfectly for Knowledge Medina and friends to spit without having to worry about overpowering instrumentals. The duo channel Hip-Hop in almost every aspect, and it reflects throughout. It's also notable to mention that Numonics created the title track while recovering from a near fatal heart attack. And, from Medina rhyming about his daughter on “Promise Me”, to the state of music on “DOA”, to just the typical posse cut on “Rhyme Over Reason”, the project showcases enough talent in its brevity (only nine tracks) to warrant respect for all involved.

However, the biggest issue with the EP is the fact that most of the guests featured seem to outshine the host MC. REKS destroys both of his features with ease on “DOA” and “Above and Beyond”, Co$$ delivers a stand-up verse on “Can You Let Me Be”, and J NiCs & Jon The Barber elevate their stock on “Rhyme over Reason.”

Due to his style and cadence when rhyming, it’s easy to become a little bored with Medina’s bars, even when they are well-constructed. Although this isn’t always the case (Medina’s verse on “Rhyme Over Reason” is one of my favorites featured), it’s a reccurring theme that sticks out like a sore thumb in comparison to everything else, and will surely bring up the question if battle rappers can truly make quality songs in the future.

All constructive criticism aside, Never Enough is still a well-executed project that aims for the Hip-Hop heads more so than the radio listeners. Depending on your side of the argument, that could be a good or a bad thing, but regardless of your perspective the Florida tandem adds another nice project to their ever-growing checklist of accomplishments. If you have a little time, give it a download and evaluate it for yourself.

Photo credit: ImageShack