Mixtape Review: Trae The Truth - Can't Ban The Truth

OG Houston rapper Trae The Truth is still standing strong

through public discrimination in his battle against local radio station

97.9 The Box. New Can’t Ban The Truth mixtape begins with an

introduction from WE ABN News, telling listeners how Trae’s music has

been banned by the station.The title track, “Cant Ban The

Truth” follows, which gives the feel of getting ready to ride out.

Fitting. “Bad Don’t Seem So Wrong”, featuring Lupe Fiasco, uses a great

sample of Garfield‘s ‘Private Affair“ with Lupe The Fiasco bringing the

return of the wordplay on the first verse. The fellow rapper and friend

opens the track up for Trae to drop fiery bars about carrying the cross

of being the stand up guy he is, a man who takes care of business and

sees his family to the good times through the hard ones. “Dueces,”

featuring Young Buck, gives listeners the perfect Texas feel, pourin’

Houston dueces ridin’ through the city. Young Buck pours up on the

second verse and reminds us why we like him. This is an instance where

Southern rappers can still floss swangas and purple drank with

authenticity instead of commercially. “Gangsta 4 Life” makes it

easy to see that Trae’s flow always comes from somewhere real, and that

he will always be the word from the streets. “General” is easily a single, a track that demands salutations with Trae ridin the beat on every verse with an

explosive hook. “Hood Nights,” featuring Gudda Gudda and Jae

Millz gives a feel identical to its title. Trae brings on Young Money

rappers and the dynamic of the group gives the track a vibe to ride to.

This will be the one to inspire hours of radio play. 97.9 or not. Can’t Ban The Truth listeners also get to hear a few recorded voice messages from a few of Trae’s close friends. For a laugh, Lil Duval offers to apologize to the white people for Trae, and Mama C speaks the highest honor of Trae and

his real nigga character. Mama C tells listeners of Trae and the late,

great Pimp C’s friendship, and encourages Trae to keep his head up just

as he encouraged her and her grandsons in their time of mourning. “Please Respect It” shows Trae’s middle ground: If you don’t like him, whatever. But you will respect his hustle, his grind, and genuine dedication to his people and the streets.“Cop A Drop,” is a smooth saxophone heavy track that gives us a passenger seat in Trae’s Challenger as he rides through the streets of Houston. Trae has also released a video for the song. “Still My Nigga” is one for the homies. Always necessary. Well

executed.“That’s For Real” is a track is for the loyal and

disloyal, whichever side of the fence you fall. Trae’s respect goes to

those who will stand behind what and who they believe in. And for the

others? Well.. Ya’ll will hear it.Yung Turk of the original Hot

Boyz blesses a track from jail, a message telling Trae to “never let the

pressure of a hater upset you or distress you. Without haters around us

we grow lazy. You gotta let the truth be told. Trae The Truth”Grab

a pen on “What It Is.“ Trae brings it real as he disregards all media and

industry fakes with a middle finger… He came up in the streets anyway.

Loyalty and hard work got him to where to he is, and that’s what he’s

stickin to. The mixtape’s trillest feature comes from a message

from the late Underground King Pimp C. “You think UGK supposed to open

up for anybody in the city of Houston?! You got me f**ked alllll the way

up.” It takes the Pimp to remind everybody of the constant

struggles artists experience with local radio stations like The Box.

“When you stop playin’ people’s records because they don’t do your free

shows, that’s illegal.” Trae closes Can’t Ban The Truth with

“The Radio Won’t Play This,” an emotional track of beautiful music.

Trae shows the pain and struggle of the streets is not always understood

by the masses. Yet and still it has a purpose, and can always be heard from Trae, a street messenger who has kept Houston on his back through the struggles with local media outlets. The Truth cannot be banned.Grab you a copy. If you can handle The Truth.