Monday Fashion Feature: Could It Get Worse Than Men's Skinny Jeans?

We saw "Harem" pants make their way into women's wardrobes last year, with their low, baggy crotches and tapered legs. Are you ready for your dude to cop this look, too? During the recent slew of fashion shows, runways from Yves St. Laurent to Dolce&Gabbana presented these pants in materials as varied as fleece, denim and polyester.Dolce&Gabbana Fall 2010Often referred to as the "drop-crotch pant," they are essentially the same fit as the "Harem," not to mention a completely modern, more refined update of the MC Hammer pant.MC Hammer in actionRocking this style requires restraint, as the look can easily appear clownish if the pants are too baggy. Your safest bet is to wear a slim, waistline-skimming top to avoid the illusion that you're drowning in your gear. This is no time to slack on your shoe game. Low-profile sneakers such as Converse All-Stars or Vans will do the job since the drop-crotch pant is a statement maker on its on. Or, you could always tuck the pants into a pair of fly boots, like Pomé's duck boots. Gentlemen—Are you feeling this look, or does this style get a "hell no?"