Monday Fashion Feature: Find Out Why Swizz Beatz Reps For Sabit NYC

Sabit is a brand known to create the perfect blend of Japanese and American streetwear, with superior attention to quality and detail. With fans like Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and T.I., the brand has been making waves since its launch just four years ago. Sabit's designs have a way of being loud in a tasteful way, with creative uses of fabrics, colors, prints, washes and more. I got a chance to catch up with the brains behind the brand, founder/creative director, Shoichi Amemiya. Previous to creating Sabit, Shoichi worked with Mark Ecko as creative director of Ecko outerwear.The talented designer gave us a sneak peek at what Sabit has in store for summer, fall (including a new women's line!), dishing on upcoming collaborations and more: How did you get your start in the fashion industry? Shoichi: "I started off by attending a fashion school in Japan named Osaka Mode, where I majored in fashion design." Describe a typical day in the life of Sabit's head designer. Shoichi: "A typical day for me in the Sabit NYC office consists of checking emails and constant communication with our Japan office and factories overseas." On your website, Swizz Beatz is described as "the face of Sabit". How is he involved with the brand? Shoichi: "Swizz Beatz is a very good friend of ours at Sabit NYC. He simply appreciates that brand, and we appreciate him! His involvement as an ambassador keeps us in the forefront of the music industry." Swizz Beatz and What sets Sabit apart from other popular streetwear brands? Shoichi: "Our design concepts come directly from the influences of my hometown Japan, which makes them authentic. I allow my knowledge of the culture to be infused throughout the brand. Shoichi: "We are part of the Japanese fashion movement called 'Amercaji' which is a blend of American and Japanese cultures. This movement allows anyone to wear our brand and feel a part of two amazing places, with a common appreciation of great fashion." What can we expect from your summer 2010 collection? Shoichi: "You can expect great fashion with inspirations coming from both the city and country. I have chosen to take elements from both places to create a look that translates into streetwear cultures all across the world." Spring/summer Any exciting news/collaborations in the works? Shoichi: "We have a collaboration coming up with Goomi Arcade, another dope brand, with heavy Japanese design influences on a few items... Which I'll keep secret until the time is right! We have also collaboration with celebrity fashion stylist Mike B. on a very unique blazer/jacket with matching salvage denim jeans to go." Fall 2010See more brand new gear from Sabit right HERE on!