Mondays With Macy: The King of Onyx

AllHipHop Staff

The views expressed in this column are not the views shared by walked on stage in black leather knee boots with four

inch heels - without them, she was about 5’3, I’ll bet, maybe less. Her hair was also black - it was

straight and shiny; it looked healthy like her. She

had a young pretty face coated, like the rest of her

self, with Hershey chocolate skin. Her boobies were perky and her

coochie, pierced.

She had a dirty rag in her hand and used it to wipe down the

pole several times. My loud ass

friend said, “Is there coochie juice on the pole or something, does the


have OCD?”

BAM! We looked up and there the “b**ch” was, hanging upside

down on the pole, then on the ceiling. Then,

she just showed out for like fifteen minutes. It

was awesome. It was art. It was Cirque de Soleil. It was

gymnastics, it was ballet, it was grimy, it was sexy and seedy.

Now on her knees bent over, she did this dance that made

her booty go up and down and side to side at the same time, like a wave in a storm. I had never

seen anybody do that before. My loud ass friend

said, “I wanna learn

how to do that!” She said, “Maybe that’s why I can’t keep a man, I

can’t do all

them damn tricks!!”

I wondered to myself, is that where the word "trick," comes

from? Is a trick a girl that does

tricks? Would all the dudes in here, call her a trick? Cuz my loud ass


was just calling her b**ch. And if learn how to do some tricks, will I

then be

considered a trick by every man that I show my tricks to? And what if you are the best “trick?”

Are you still a trick?

This girl was the best I had ever seen. She had mastered her

craft. She was determined and

precise and confident. She stood out like me. She had a strut like


Campbell. She looked happy like Stevie Wonder, and like Obama, all eyes

were on

her. She was the greatest like

Muhammed Ali - the greatest I had ever seen.

She came to our table a little bit later and we asked her to

teach us that booty dance. She tried and we tried, but we were

hopeless. She finally

gave up and said, “I can’t teach you, but it’s all in the ankles.” Now that she had taught me something, I

wondered about her name. I knew it wasn’t bitch or trick. My loud

friend said, “What’s

your name?” She said, “My name is King.”

The sparkle in

her eye lingered after she took our money and walked away. We had called her all kinds of names,

but her name was King.**To get the latest AllHipHop Alternatives Features, follow us on Twitter @**