Mondays with Macy: The Sellout

AllHipHop Staff

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I'm stupid

Just a dumb b**ch

He's an alcoholic

A career addict

He gets high and does stupid sh*t.


He don't come home

I wanna kick me out like my friends tell me to

But I open the door. I take his hand.

I wash him down then I lay him down.

The love we make that night is extraordinary

because we miss each other and he's a good f**k anyway.

Now he's sober and I'm excited. Happy for him. Optimistic.

But I know he'll f**k up again. He always does. 

But then he's nice again. I get sucked in.

My friends say he sucks.

Behind my back they call me stupid - just a dumb b**ch

But I'm smart enough to say f**k them and f**k you too

And if my baby happens to be reading this

I want you to know that I LOVE YOU.

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