Montana DeLeon: Sexpert

Mesmerizing, Orgasmic, Naughty, Tantalizing, Arousing, Notorious and Addictive. Put it all together, and you've got one sexy acronym for Montana. There are thousands of pretty faces on the net, and if you do your research, you may just find some real talent. Aside from her beauty, voluptuous body and a freaky mind, Montana has extensive training in acting as well as very descriptive writing skills.

To satisfy your curiosity, Alternatives took a few moments to do some rapid-fire Q&A with the internet’s favorite diva. Alternatives: How long has your website been around?

Montana: I’ve had that site up since July of last year.

AHHA: What is your favorite place in the world?

Montana: I haven’t been there yet.

AHHA: If we were invaded by aliens, what would be the first thing you do?

Montana: Hmmm… Have sex? I don’t know. I don’t think about that stuff. I’d probably kill all my enemies.

AHHA: Good movie, good book, good date or good [sex]?

Montana: Good [sex]. Puts you right to sleep.

AHHA: What was the worst date you've ever been on?

Montana: All I remember was I ended up jumping out the car and walking home.

AHHA: Tuck and roll.

Montana: [laughs]

AHHA: What made you decide that you were going to take [your career] to the fullest?

Montana: The fame and fortune. I love attention and money. Gotta pay the bills.

AHHA: Honest answer. I appreciate that. Romance minus finance equals nuisance. So I take it you've done the sex-in-the-bed-of-money thing?

Montana: No, not yet. When I make my first million I will.

AHHA: When you get that final zero at the end of the one, what's the first thing you're going to do?

Montana: Spend it all on investment property, then buy a nice car, truck and a big house with the money that comes in from the investment.

AHHA: If you could sleep with anyone in the world right now, who would it be and why?

Montana: Bill Gates. I’m fertile as f*ck. Child support would be like two million a month. It’s true when they say children an are an investment! [laughs]

AHHA: [laughs] Horses or elephants?

Montana: Elephants. My momma says they’re good luck, and she had a bunch of them around the house.

AHHA: What's the best part about sex to you?

Montana: The five minutes before the orgasm.

AHHA: Have you ever looked in the mirror and gotten turned on?

Montana: Yeah, all the time. I play with my breasts a lot and practice making my booty clap.

AHHA: What’s your favorite part of your anatomy?

Montana: My face or my eyes.

AHHA: Favorite artist?

Montana: Kemistry

AHHA: Really? What about him?

Montana: It’s the relaxed mood music.

AHHA: You like it slow?

Montana: I like it smooth.

AHHA : What's the fastest you've ever driven?

Montana: 140, drunk with no helmet on my GSX-R. Oh yes, I’m a rider.

AHHA: When you go leave what do you want them thinking?

Montana: ‘Damn, I need to join her site to cure my Montana addiction.’

AHHA: Does it bother you when people treat you like just a sex object?

Montana: Yep.

AHHA: Why? If you care to elaborate… Obviously you’re smart.

Montana: I have so much talent, but sex sells.

AHHA: Why don’t you write a book on what women need to do to have that perfect sex life?

Montana: I already started on the book, but it’s way more than just sex, it’s how to treat your man like a king in general.

AHHA: So what are you doing besides teaching the art of sex?

Montana: [laughs] Well I just recently co-hosted BET Uncut with Big Tigger. It aired September 17th, and another show aired the week of October 18th. I was trying to put a good word in for the spot that Free left. [winks] I would still love to do Who’s That Girl so people can hear me talk and get a feel for the real Montana.

AHHA: That’s a really big deal, hosting BET! Where do you go from here?

Montana: Let’s hope I get my own talk show for real! Then the world would be a happier place.