Motivation Monday: Exactly What Is Living?


What is the meaning of our lives? Read more from Ashton Burrell.

By Ashton Burrell

(AllHipHop Rumors) When we ask the question "what is life?" you will get a million different answers. I think the most interesting thing about life is that it changes every second literally. Sometimes we can be up and so excited at 5pm and then be down and out by 5:01pm. We never know where life will take us or how it will get us to our goals. I'll never forget I went to an art show with my mom that I didn't want to go to at all. I ended seeing someone who needed help moving sodas so I helped him move them. He ended up being the founder of the whole art show and offered me an internship with them. I was going to school at Lincoln University in Pa at the time and his office was all the way in Mt. Vernon, Ny. I took the internship and would travel there every week to be there. During that time I began to learn what a grind is. The late days and early mornings became the normal. He would let me in on big meetings and introduced me to people I never thought I would network with in years. But the moral of that is I never would've thought helping someone move sodas would help me move forward in life. So keep in mind in life to be kind to others and step outside your comfort zone try new things you never know what it can lead to!