Movie Review: "Budz House"

The newest stoner comedy, Budz House, hits theaters this Friday, April 13, and is worth being a post-session activity for anybody who needs a good laugh. The handful of familiar faces tells the story of an aspiring comic-book artist, Bud, who is played by Wesley Jonathan. Bud is an early 20-something, heavy marijuana smoker who passes his time kickin' it in his room with his crew of similarly ambitious friends. He lives along with his younger sister in his mom‘s house. His mother is played by comedienne Luenell, who will, of course, keep you entertained throughout the film.

Budz House is heavy on jokes and trippy effects. Tipping on the scale of being a Friday or How High rendition, the movie features a group of urban comedians, and shows how Bud and his friends try to escape the cross-hairs of two local drug lords when Bud's friend Ooley comes up on a huge stash of premium grade marijuana during a neighborhood reefer recession. After the quarreling quartet smokes up half of their supply, they are forced to figure out a way to get the weed back when they found out their friend stole it from his cousin, the lunatic leader of the Vatos.
The newly synthesized weed has the block poppin', and Bud and his boys are now in business. Their recent street success catches the attention of another local drug lord, One Punch, who doesn’t take too well to the youngsters taking his clientele. The film is characterized by guest comedians Luenelle and Faizon Love, who bring constant laughs as Mary Jane and Big Sh*tty. But surprisingly, Bud’s crew does a pretty decent job with their jokes. The group hits most demographics: Pretty Tony is a quirky white guy, Ooley is the smoked out Mexican homie with family gang ties, and Jpeezy is the token funny, Black dude. Bud and his friends turn a storyline that could have fell flat as another Blackbuster, into an interesting comedy with enough familiar faces to keep the audience engaged.
While Bud is crushin' on the most popular girl in the hood, his sister’s friend, Shay, sets her eyes on him, leaving Bud tied in between two steamy situations. The 4/20-friendly comedy shows the audience familiar situations of neighborhood romance, fights, and parties. If you’re looking to spend a couple of hours getting into a deep plot with complex characters from a mysterious historical town, this is not the movie for you. Don’t plan on any tears, life coaching, sensitive moments, or serious religious advice from this movie. Budz can guarantee you a laugh or two, and is great to throw on in the background of a party or smoke session. Phase 4 Films and Royal Court Productions make a visually appealing product, the movie seems well budgeted and executed.

Rate: 7.5/10: The movie was funny because of the characters. The talent and humor of the actors carried the movie’s familiar concept into something more viewable due to the extra point for known faces. I can’t say this would have gone so well without popular comedians Wesley Jonathan, Love, and Luenell, so kudos to the stars of this film for pulling it together. For the record, though, the amateur actors held their own and will be even funnier in their next roles. The movie lacks in conceptual creativity, but is a good play on a story we can all find some humor in.

Budz House, hits theaters this Friday, April 13.