Mr. J Medeiros: Of gods and girls

Rawkus Records has a history of bringing a great sound on its releases. For those with a short memory; this is the label that brought you the likes of Hi-Tek, Talib Kweli, and Mos Def. Even though their roster has completely changed, they still seem to be dedicated to that progressive sound. The album Of gods and girls (Rawkus/Hydef) takes you on a journey with Mr. J Medeiros, a member of the Procussions, and puts you in his world—the end of which leaves you with the feeling of a time well spent.One of J Medieros strengths is storytelling, and there is no shortage of this on the album. The L.A. based artist finds ways of painting a picture that makes you genuinely feel for the characters he has created, especially on songs of “Half A Dream” and “Constance”. He also uses this for “Keep Pace”, which is a great uplifting song that has a way of keeping your head nodding, and seems to be the brightest spot on the album. “Call you” is a great serenade to his family, detailing his childhood and the sacrifices his parents made. Medeiros’ style does well to give you the story through the eyes of God, as well as through the eyes of women, which leads to the album title.If there was one main gripe with the album, it would be the track placement. The worse case of such happens after “Keep Pace”. The song “Money,” featuring Pigeon John and DJ Vajra, messes with the pacing and flow that the album was building, even if it isn’t a bad song.The album exhibits a rare feel in this day and age. It isn’t just lyrics, but its depth, which is reminiscent of the Rawkus of old. It’s a respite from the braggadocio style that blankets the airwaves, both commercial and underground. For those who wish to take a break faux gangsterism and enjoy some real music, Of gods and girls is here for you.