Mr. Lee: Texas' Low Key Hit Maker

While Hip-Hop fans across the globe have grown to appreciate the movements of Houston, Texas artists, many fail to recognize one of the main architects of the region’s sound. Mr. Lee is most often regarded as low key. But major players like Scarface, Bun B, Pimp C, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Z-Ro, Trae the Truth, Lil’ Keke and others have benefited from Mr. Lee’s magic touch. He is still at it today, after over a decade and a half of churning out hit after hit. Don’t sleep Mr. Lee has been hard at work with a whole new generation of artists as well, in addition to being a key player behind the sounds of Nipsey Hussle.Bun B’s “Get Throwed,” Scarface's “Sex Faces,” Trae’s “Screwed Up” ft Lil’ Wayne and Slim Thug’s “Three Kings” are just a few examples of the heat Mr. Lee has been working with over the years. Read on to know more about his production techniques, his influences and what its like to be a part of making legendary music for legendary artists is the game. Give us a quick intro, even though you have been in the game 10-plus years. Mr. Lee: Well basically I have been a cornerstone of the music in the south, preferably Texas. I have done records from Scarface to Pimp C, to Tupac, to Jon B to Dwele. I am partially responsible for the whole Slim Thug movement from ESG on forward. I am just really about making movements in the south man and that’s what I So where are you from originally? Mr. Lee: I’m from a small city called Pinesville, Louisiana and I move to Houston in  So what was your first breakthrough song?Mr. Lee: It would have to be the “PWA Westside Remix” with the 5th Ward Boys. That really opened up the door. I would have to say after that the Do or Die “Still Po’ Pimpin’” and then maybe the Scarface “Sex Faces” record. That was really the pinnacle point in my career.  Tell me about that “Sex Faces” song man, that’s classic Scarface.Mr. Lee: I would say the pinnacle point in my career because working with Scarface. It was something where I learned what a producer really was. You can’t slack when you are working with him. Without that whole movement and that whole moment I don’t know if I would have been as successful as I have been because I really learned so much working with him.  So tell me about Scarface’s work ethic, I know you guys have done a lot of work together in the past and you guys have some stuff coming up soon and he working on his new album. Can you talk about more of your experiences with him?Mr. Lee: Man I mean basically in a nutshell, he stays in the studio for hours and hours at a time. He is a perfectionist, so he doesn’t accept anything that is half cocked and he doesn’t accept anything that doesn’t follow his vision that he is looking for. You got to understand that I was 22-years-old when I got in the game working with this dude. From nothing. I wasn’t even a master of my craft at that point and have to give your very best, it was just a make it or break it situation. He is real musical and the guy listens to all different kinds of music. He’s real diverse and his subject matter is very important to him, the way he lays his lyrics and everything is very important. He is very precise, even down to the drum sound and he has to critique everything that he does. If it doesn’t sound exactly like he wants then he wont be happy with Also on your resume is work with UGK. What was it like working with Pimp C.?Mr. Lee: When I first met Pimp C I was nervous as hell because I was starting to work on a track for him and Bun and ‘Face to get on. At this point ‘Face had kind of realized where my talent was and he always used to love for people to come into the studio and just work. I was starting on this particular beat called “Too Real” and I started f**king around with the drums and Pimp C turns around to look at ‘Face and says, “What the f**k is that? What the f**k is this motha f**ka’ doing?” I almost shook out of my shoes when he said the s**t and ‘Face was kind of like, “Just chill out, wait to you see what happens.” It kind of gave me my little boost and the track came out good. What new projects do you have coming out? Mr. Lee:  My most important project is the Slim Thug project. He is like my little brother and I feel partially responsible for his movement since I have put show much behind it. I got something in the works with Scarface, I am assisting Nipsey Hussle with his movement. I am doing some pop stuff. But really Scarface, Nipsey Hussle, Lil Keke, and Slim So how did your work end up getting placed with Nipsey Hussle?Mr. Lee: Well the crazy thing is that I did a song called “How to be G” for Lil KeKe, and Nipsey Hussle heard the song and shot a video for it. They shot a video for it and he had contact with one of my co-managers from New York and he hit me and they wanted to do so work and we got in the lab and started working. He was starting to approach the scene and about 6 or 7 months later he was blowing the west coast up.