Music Exec Steve Stoute & CNN's Soledad O'Brien Spotlight Black Entrepreneurs

Prior to the TV premiere of CNN's "Black in America 4," host Soledad O'Brien convened an invitation-only screening and panel discussion in New York City on Black entrepreneurism in America. The panel included well-known record executive, author, and businessman Steve Stoute, who offered his thoughts on the topic along with the documentary, set to air tomorrow, November 13.


In the clip below, Stoute, who has led Urban Music divisions for both Sony and Interscope Geffen, helping spawn the careers of Eminem, Mariah Carey, Will Smith and others, offered his own sound advice for Black entrepreneurs with business start-up dreams of their own:

CNN's O'Brien hosts the fourth installment of the well-received and debated "Black in America" series, which takes a different twist from the others in that it chronicles a competition among the African-Americans it profiles. O’Brien follows the journey of eight entrepreneurs striving for success in the predominantly white world of Silicon Valley after leaving everything behind. The series captures them as they pitch their ideas to investors, all hoping for "the next big thing."

Below, O'Brien tells why this particular chapter of "Black in America" is so important:

Black In America: Journey of A Start-Up is set to air on CNN, November 13th at 8PM EST. View the trailer below: