Mya: Getting Liberated

Mya, the Grammy award winning multi-platinum artist, is at a new place in her life. Her new music and look, is sexy, grown, mature and honest as reflected on her newest project, Liberation. This is Mya's fourth CD, her Universal Motown debut, and she sounds confident and mature. With ballads such as "Life Too Short" and "Still A Woman," Mya says, “This album is my most expressive and vulnerable album to date. On my first album, I didn't know about love. I didn't even have a boyfriend!"Born in Baltimore, Mya became a star at 18 with the release of her debut, Mya. The platinum CD yielded three Top 10 singles. She continued her success on her platinum sophomore effort Fear of Flying, which featured two top singles. Her third effort went gold in 2003, and Mya went on to pursue acting roles in the acclaimed film Chicago, and N 2 Deep. She recently finished work on her newest CD and a new movie, Cover. Mya sat and talked with us, recently about life, music, acting, and the pursuit of a “regular guy.” Alternatives: What have you been up to?Mya: Just working really hard. Traveling, seeing the world.AHHA: What's different about this album?Mya: [It was] time for one. Mya has grown. I've seen more of the world. My father is back in my life. The album is very honest. It's darker than usual.AHHA: What do you feel album the new crop of R&B songstresses?Mya: They're cool. I like them all. I honestly like everybody. [laughs]AHHA: Tell me about your acting projects.Mya: The latest project is called Cover. I shot that in Philadelphia. Bill Duke directed the film. It should be in theaters in the Fall of '07. I'm serious with my acting. On my downtime, I've been studying theater and taking classes.AHHA: What is the Mya Arts & Technology Foundation?Mya: It's a foundation that helps children develop their creative side. I'm from D.C. and as soon as I moved back from L.A., I wanted to do something for the children there. There aren't many outlets for kids in that area.AHHA: Would you ever date a regular guy?Mya: Yes, and I have.AHHA: Do regular guys approach you?Mya: Yes, all the time. [laughs] Guys in jail write me and say, "When I come home, we gonna get married." [laughs] I like a man with high hopes.AHHA: Ok, let's get to it...are you still single?Mya: Yes, I'm currently single...AHHA: Damn...ok, that's what I like to hear. [laughs] So, I heard you play the violin.Mya: Yup, I sure do...I'm not a violinist, but I've been playing since a child. I play it for the audience, when I have an hour and a half set.AHHA: The album got pushed back a few times. Do we have a release date yet?Mya: Yes, yes...September 18th.AHHA: The song "Ridin." Was that based on a personal event?Mya: Yes, it was, and it was one of those "regular" guys. [laughs] I was up in the parking garage, riding everywhere to see if he was there. [laughs]AHHA: Are you writing more on this album?Mya: Yes, every song, with producers. This is a very honest and personal Mya album.AHHA: Any last words?Mya: Yes, you can go to website for more info on the foundation. And the myspace page is September 18th, look for the new album!Click here to see pictures from a recent performance in New York!