MySneakers: An iPhone App For The Sneakerhead

MySneakers is the first in-depth iPhone application geared towards sneakerheads. Released by NILO Media last week on the iTunes App Store, MySneakers provides a one-stop sneaker resource. It houses all the essential tools any sneaker aficionado would need to find their perfect pair: - A search engine referencing an extensive database of the latest and greatest styles. - Blogs that review these styles, and the stores that carry them in closest proximity to the user (when the GPS function in the iPhone is enabled). - A user-rating system, allowing users to see the preferences of their peers and leave their own. NILO Media Corp. and MySneakers have partnered with major and independent brands, including Nike, adidas, Converse, PF Flyers, New Balance, Vans, Puma, DC, Creative Recreation and more. Users have the ability to post sneaker, store and blog findings to their Facebook and Twitter accounts directly from MySneakers. MySneakers' reach is global, with stores and brands participating from every developed market. Louis Colon III, NILO Media’s co-founder and self proclaimed sneakerhead, gives his picks for the hottest items, shops and blogs of the month in its recommended section. I got a chance to catch up with him to find out how the idea for MySneakers came about and how he got his start in the footwear world. Check out the interview below, along with a review of MySneakers from our very own buyer, Mike Kim.Kiki: Can you give us a breakdown of your career and business ventures in the footwear industry?Louis: "My career spans across a couple of categories, but always in the footwear world. I started and published a sneaker magazine called Kicksclusive. We printed 15 issues over five years. Then I opened up Laces, which was a sneaker boutique catering to women, and was located in SoHo, NYC. I then worked at New Balance/PF Flyers as a product developer last year. Kiki: How did the idea first come about for a sneaker app?Louis: The [MySneakers] idea came to me a little over a year ago while I was living and working in Boston for New Balance. Then for my 30th birthday, I went to Spain with a group of friends, one of them being Nick Howard, who's my business partner in MySneakers. It was in Spain that I spoke about the idea of MySneakers, and Nick said 'Thats a great idea...if you're serious, let's make this happen as soon as we are back in the U.S.'. The day after we landed, MySneakers started." Kiki: What are your top 3 kicks for spring 2010? Louis: 1. The New Balance X OffSpring 576's in grey and red. 2. Nike Air Max 24/7. I like the fusion of the air max technologies. 3. Vans Vault X NY Mets (just because I am a big mets fan, and the style is simple for spring). Kiki: How many sneakers do you own?Louis: I own alot...I can't give an exact number, but I know I own over a hundred and change. I never really counted because I get rid of sneakers and I'm actually ready to get rid of a lot now. I like to refresh the closet constantly!" MySneakers Review by Mike Kim:"MySneakers is a cool concept. It could use some more work, but has potential for a lot of sneaker-savvy fans. The database could be a little wider—for example, I searched for Griffey Max and came up with one colorway, while I was looking for a different one. MySneakers definitely provides convenience, with its wide array of store locations in the area, as well as blog access." Check out the MySneakers app for yourself by clicking HERE. Other mobile formats will soon follow, of which Android and Blackberry will be the first.