Nappy Roots: World Tour Part 2 Do yall have any particular views

on the war? A lot of people especially with hip-hop came out against the war.

There wasn't a lot of support for the war, but there was support for the soldiers.

NR: I hate to see soldiers dying. A lot of people

don't really want to be out there because people here don't know that they still

at war. A lot of people feel that they are there in vein, losing their lives

for no reason. You had a lawsuit with a producer.

What's the status on that?

NR: My momma really told us if you never get

sued, you didn't get that famous. Nothing came out of it. What we hear is he

was some guitar player that made some kind of rhythm, he just played a note

that somebody else told him and he just came out the blue. It died down quick

so it wasn't nothing. It was no truth behind that, no truth. Do yall ever fight? Do yall ever

get into arguments?

NR: We brothers and brothers fight and we get

into it and you let it out. We keep that respect. Its boundaries we never cross.

We always gonna take care of each other. Any one of yall will ever decide

maybe a solo effort?

NR: We gonna do that in the future. We got everything

coming. We still building the foundation. The foundation is built but we just

strengthening it. What made yall do this DVD? Can

you explain it and explain what made yall do it?

NR: Nappy Roots is interesting. Even when we

was going through it we was like man, we could make this a movie. We just giving

the fans everything that we can. We was back in some of our old classrooms and

places where we use to practice. The folks is gonna trip when they see it. So why is it called Half Truth?

NR: That's the comedic part to it. It's a parody

and it like how you see yourself is not how we see you or vice versa. Im saying

there's another side to the truth. Who produced the movie?

NR: Nappy Roots wrote and we lived it. What's Nappy Roots Day?

NR: We gave so much to the state in our lyrics.

A lot of people was making music and we brought it to a high level to Kentucky

that never been done like that. Kentucky Colonels. Its one of the highest honors

you can get in our state. We are the best things out of Kentucky since Kentucky

Fried Chicken. Everything we did we made it happen. We came together and made

a decision to put all kinds of compilations out. To sell T- Shirts and all that.

Now people are more interested and more knowledgeable about Kentucky. I hear

a lot of people across the globe they know about Kentucky dirt and Nappy Roots

and Kentucky Fried Chicken, so we are a symbol of the state. Now a lot of people don't know

where yall came from as far as how yall got to where you are. Can you talk about

the grind yall had. Yall did a lot of underground albums like independent.

NR: We did a lot of compilations. This will be

our fourth album that we coming out with. We just started in the studio in the

closet. We just started with the bare essentials and even in my mans apartment,

at one time we was recording tracks with a dog in the background. Most people

might bullsh*t with it and we took it serious even though it wasn't proper.

We was grinding that sh*t out. We had a point to prove. We started from a 4

track to an 8 track. An 8 track to the A-Deck. We just worked our way up and

to get signed in 1998. You think you about to hit it and you don't and your

album doesn't come out. You gotta go back to the drawing board and do that.

Always do shows even though people might not be there your first couple of them.

But you get people to believe in you in your own state and in your own block

and that's the hardest part of it right there. f*ck outside you gotta get them

n*ggas on your block to believe in your ass. We stayed on the road for 16 months

and grinding that sh*t out. Making the whole country believe that these boys

from Kentucky and the south can do that sh*t. Do you guys ever sit back on how

far you have come.

NR: Everyday. You cant forget that. Back in

the days I was like its not gonna happen and now its like damn. If you keep

grinding out then you never know where you gonna be in the next 2 years. I don't

think we really know what we doing, but we kind of got a sense and I think in

20 years it will really hit us. You was 25 and you got a holiday. You went to

Baghdad during a war. The ultimate goal in any life

is to be successful stable money wise. You seem real humble. Do you have any

other goal outside of the music business wise or other.

NR: You go where the road takes you. Don't limit

yourself. No matter what believe. You gotta invest your money. Be in to real

estate and own properties. We take it one day at a time making a foundation

for everything and spread our seeds and spread our money around. What about a label or any artists

yall might have?

There's a label in the beginning stages with

a couple of artists dropping. They all in the development form. I aint gonna

make them walk to Brooklyn and get some cheesecake. We get right and we gonna

see who really want it.