Necro's Top 5 Horror Movies

Hardcore gore rapper Necro sat down with to discuss his Top 5 Horror movies of all time. In addition to the rapper picking some interesting flicks, he takes the time to break down each movie and it’s significance to the genre of “gore” and “splatter” flicks.Blood Sucking Freaks, 1976. Its def #1. That film because it was pretty much the most outrageous horror movie ever, just of the sickness of it. It’s like slavery; it's f**king kidnapping a woman in broad day light, you know what I mean? It’s like f**king you know, ah the turn kit in muthf**kin heads and playing darts on b**ches ass and the power drill in the head. The most outlandish s**t... So the Blood Sucking Freaks is definitely one. It takes place in New York in the Village, its a totally classic.Maniac, 1980 - The name of the character is “Frank Zito” played by f**king Joe Spinell, who was in the Godfather and Rocky. Then he did all these little gangsta roles. He just gets these crazy get horror roles and it’s just f**ked up. Its so f**king true, there are really dudes out there like that, you know what I mean? A horror movie allows you to really tap into that word that most people won’t want to know normally. They wanna get the f**k away because that dude will blow your f**king head off! You really don't want to f**k with a dude like that in real life. So in movies you literally, watch how sick it is, its all psychological, it's all analytical you what I mean? Because when you analyze a thug in a street you know I mean, you wanna analyze all humans you know what I mean? Sometimes analyzing someone like that, a maniac, its intriguing so, that movie itself it's really f**ked up then you got movies like you know Blood Feast (1963) and Gruesome Two Some (1967)- The original “gore” movies were started by HG Lewis. Basically in 1960 HG Lewis was the first to put down gore, and the thing about gore is like a lot of people don't get it sometimes, and it's just the taboo of it you know what I mean? The idea is that, like back then in the 60's you know it wasn't really cool to even make s**t like that.Color Me Blood Red, 1965 - Girls are getting kidnapped and the f**king main ass character is painting pictures with their blood. That was some s**t that was really f**ked up back then and nobody see s**t like that! You know the thing is, when it comes to art, people are always bugging out. But all this s**t is happening in real life. It's in the Bible people be killing each other, sacrificing each other, murdering cities, burning towns and crushing armies. But for some reason in culture, anything in the less hundred years is shocking, but that s**t aint nothing new. It is definitely hard to pick 5, ah what else, Last House on the Left, was crazy you know what I mean?