NFL: Deion Sanders' Week 7 Picks & The Week 6 Wrap-up!

AllHipHop Staff

Before we begin our Week 6 Recap, we had a delay in order to allow Deion Sanders to offer his picks for the upcoming week. The football legend called into AllHipHop Radio during the Eric B & Friends Morning show and offered his picks along with some opinions. Here are his picks and we'll follow up next week to see how his predictions fared.

Philadelphia at Washington

Pick: Eagles

"Everybody's getting fired at Washington. I don't think the Eagles will lose two weeks in a row."

Green Bay at Cleveland

Pick: Green Bay

"Green Bay's gonna beat the brown off the Browns."

San Diego at Kansas City

Pick: San Diego

"San Diego's gonna win."

Indianapolis at St. Louis

Pick: The Colts

San Francisco at Houston

Pick: Houston

"I'm gonna have to say Houston at home."

Minnesota at Pittsburgh

Pick: Pittsburgh

"I gotta look at the weather on that game. Pittsburgh at home"

New England at Tampa Bay

Pick: New England

"That's a beat down."

Buffalo at Carolina

Pick: Carolina

"Carolina at home."

NY Jets at Oakland

Pick: New York Jets

"Oakland ain't gonna win two games in a row"

Atlanta at Dallas

Pick: Dallas

Chicago at Cincinnati

"Oh my goodness...Ciny."

New Orleans at Miami

Pick: New Orleans

"That's a beat down."

Arizona at NY Giants

Pick: New York Giants

"New York at home."

Warning from "Neon" Deion Sanders:

"We'll talk next week and see how I did. Nobody take these picks and go gambling."

Now, Will "Deshair" Foskey takes over his regular column to present NFL Wrap-up Week 6. 

First, I’d like to address the New York Giants fans. In my week 4 wrap-up, I showed a lot of respect to my favorite Manning, Eli. Eli is the little brother I wish I had. But then that would make me Peyton. Ok, scratch that statement from the records. The New York Giants, even after taking the woodshed whooping at the hands of the undefeated New Orleans Saints, are STILL the team to beat in the NFC (the Favre 4.0 led Vikings aren’t serious to me until they are lifting the Lombardi). So while other analysts thrive on heavy research and undeniable statistics, I am focused on the adversity.

The Giants are Ford tough, not like Ford Field in Detroit, the real tough. When Eli went ballistic on Bradshaw for missing the block on the blitzing safety; a block that could’ve lead to a rally building touchdown pass, this was when I knew that the Giants lost the game, and won the war all at once. The New Orleans Saints are riding high. Drew Brees is something like a phenomenon on the field. And their defense is the best in the league. But there is something out there that even their coaches can’t account for; their first loss. How will this young confident team react after taking their first ‘L’? To be honest with you, how will Jeremy Shockey react after their first loss? Jeremy’s actions were cancerous in the Giants locker room a few years back. If this Shockey reappears in the New Orleans locker room, it’s going to take more than a Drew Brees led battle cry to save their season.

The NFL regular season is a marathon, the playoffs is where your grit and heart is tested, and the Superbowl is where I’d like to be this year, so let’s set it up (sorry about that).

I have been on record for calling New England’s starting quarterback Tom “Cry” Brady in the past. That’s only because he was throwing imaginary flags in front of referees to get a penalty against the other team on an infraction that has his name on it. Don’t get it confused, I respect Tom. Dude came from out of nowhere and to the naked eye, didn’t appear to be as talented as he proved himself to be. Yes, Tom Brady is the Drake of the NFL. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, the 59-0 thumping of the Tennessee Titans this weekend wasn’t as heartless as what Sports Nation made it out to be.

The Patriots are not a team, they are a machine. The Patriots had the weather advantage and they played it to their strengths. Coach Belichick enters his commands and his team executes. It was the Titans that didn’t stop them. Ok, with that being said, Tom Brady was still on the field in the 3rd quarter. So if they weren’t running up the score, why would he be out there? Maybe he had another Patriot record to break that his coach wanted to reward him with. Who knows… the Titans had their equipment on, they were on the field, and even with their injuries at both starting corners, needed to play to win the game. If your team beat somebody 59-0, you would be bragging, not complaining. 

And ok Eagles fans, who will you, be complaining about this week. Your offensive was shut down by an inspired Raiders team. Wow, did I just place inspired in front of the Raiders? Please don’t start chanting for Vick to hit the field. He is a third string Wildcat quarterback, and as far as the Eagles organization is concerned, that’s all he’ll be. Philly has done their good deed for the year in signing him; nothing more. You are stuck with Donovan “That’s Black on Black Crime” McNabb. Kolb is your backup. And if Kolb goes down, Andy Reid will be your starting quarterback.

Once again, I can’t talk about every team in these wrap-ups. Last week, I featured Terrell Owens and it felt like every major sports outlet featured him soon after. So if I didn’t speak on your team this week, let me know how your team is doing. And please, don’t be delusional; the truth is in your record.