NFL Week 5 Wrap-up: T.O. for G.M?

AllHipHop Staff

This past weekend in the NFL was instrumental in giving us a glimpse into who are the potential teams to be reckoned with this season. Josh McDaniels and his undefeated Denver Broncos pulled out a gutty victory against his mentor Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots for starters. The student hardly ever beats the teacher the first time around. But thanks to Denver’s solid defense and the leadership of their QB, Kyle Orton, which lead his team on two scoring drives of over 90 yards, Josh pulled out his ‘Tiger Woods Fist Pump’ to a ecstatic home crowd. 

Dear Brandon Marshall, if you really wanted to be traded from the now undefeated Broncos, all you had to do was pull a Braylon. It was simple. You could have gotten into an altercation with one of Carmello Anthony’s camp, being that you are in Denver, the way that Braylon “allegedly” brought work to one of Lebron James’ friends. Braylon Edwards was traded to the “Let’s Here It for” New York Jets the same week.

In the Jets loss last night to Mark Anthony’s Miami Dolphins, Braylon played huge under the bright lights with five catches for 64 yards and a touchdown. Braylon is known for playing big on Monday Nights. I wonder if it is because of the lighting. Makes it a lot better to see the ball, doesn’t it? 

I understand that the player I am about to talk about is playing under relative obscurity and most likely under a self-inflicted gag order, but we need the old Terrell Owens back. If not us, the Bills need him back. And not for his on the field production either. Let me be the FIRST to say that I believe Terrell Owens would make a great General Manager. T.O. knows the game and he knows what it takes to win. A few years ago when he supposedly through Donovan McNabb under the bus by saying that the Eagles have a better chance of winning the Superbowl with Favre 4.0, you ask the Minnesota Vikings if they feel the same way about Favre 4.0. As for Donovan, an ex-Eagle stated that the starting QB was so sick during the Superbowl that another player had to step in and call the play. 

Dallas fans, Terrell told you what was going on with your team and the QB that he shed a few tears for, Tony “Oh No” Romo. He told you not to blame Jessica Simpson for your QB’s efforts on the field. Terrell also told you that Tony was out there winging the ball to his Witten whether he was open or not. Terrell wasn’t going off on the sidelines just to hear himself speak. He knew something then that people are just beginning to find out now.

And Dallas, you are 3-2, with all of your wins coming to teams that haven’t won a game. A win is a win, but this spells a possible miss of the playoffs if “America’s Team” can’t turn around their fortunes. You tell me how Jerry Jones is going to feel when the only spectacle that graced his new stadium in the first year started with Jonas, and ended with Bros.

Buffalo, you are 1-4 with a list of season-ending injuries, an offensive line that is well, offensive and a star wide receiver with slimmed chances of catching a pass because of your offensive line. Let T.O. loose, not literally, just his mouth piece. 

And to round up this wrap-up, the Tennessee Titans are 0-5. Tennessee, you were just stomping on towels and talking smack last season, and now, unless you go on an 11 game winning streak, you’ll have to throw one of those towels for the season. Next up, you will face a vengeful Patriots team. New England has played an undefeated team every week up to this point, and they just signed Junior Seau out of his Favre-like retirement. However, a win could be just what the Titan’s need to go on an epic streak. We’ll see what you got this weekend. 

I need to hear from my NFL loyalists. How do you feel your team is holding up, and do you feel that your team is playoff bound?