NFL Wrap-Up Week 10: Chris Johnson and the Titans, running the Table?

AllHipHop Staff

I would like to start off by saying to the NFL Nation, leave Bill Belichick alone! “4th and 2” will not be the moment that changes the NFL forever. It was a gutsy call that Coach Belichick is known for and Tom “Cry” Brady is known for executing. Kevin Faulk caught the ball beyond the First Down marker. However, it was his momentum coming back to the ball that made a genius call, the gutter talk of the league. This was not the play that lost the game for the Patriots. Peyton “Eli’s Big Bro” Manning played huge in the fourth quarter leading his team through a 79 yard drive to close the gap. Listen, when you have two “Captain Comebacks” going head-to-head, the best way to defend a miraculous moment is by keeping the ball out of his hand, in this case, Peyton’s hand. In the end, #18 hit his #1 receiver Reggie Wayne for the gaming touchdown, 35 to 34. The Indianapolis Colts are 9-0, much to the surprise of everyone, maybe even Tony Dungy. I’m just saying…

I admit, I haven’t talked much about the Tennessee Titans if it wasn’t for taking shots at them. So who is taking the shots now, right? The Titans are 3-0 since their bye; since Vince Young began earning his rookie contract again. Their confident running back, Chris Johnson is the current rushing leader and projected to surpass 2000 rushing yards for the season. I don’t know Chris, running backs in this league that achieve single season records of any sort, seem to fall off tremendously in seasons to follow (i. e. Shaun Alexander, Larry Johnson, Ladainian Tomlinson). I know, “You Play to Win the Game,” as Coach Herm Edwards will go down in history for stating. You have your sights set on reaching that goal. You have crazy swag though Chris. Your confidence that the Titans will finish out the season 10-0 is commendable. Prove this to be true and you might become legendary.

Just a random thought but I wonder if Reggie Bush practices his in air poses. Every week, this dude is in a photograph, floating through the sky with his arms outstretched and his knees all contorted (no Kardashian). Am I wrong? I’m not sure if this is the reason he felt he deserved #1 draft pick money or not. Enough of that…

Was there a Monday Night Game? Really, I am serious. I heard that there could’ve been a game on. Oh yea, the Cleveland Browns played the Baltimore Ravens. I think I was watching “Lie to Me”, maybe wrestling. I turned by the game for a second and caught the best part of it. Coach Jon Gruden was doing his broadcasting thing when he said the funniest thing I’ve heard a broadcaster say in quite some time, “If the Baltimore Ravens put on their Throwback Jerseys, they’d be the Cleveland Browns!” You can’t buy that type of entertainment. The Ravens jogged away with the win to stop their losing streak. A win is a win, right? Sure…

Redskins fans, rise to your knees!!! I would’ve said, “STAND UP” but it’s hard standing up from the position of lying down without rising to your knees. You’ve beaten the Denver Broncos in a game where the punter threw more touchdown passes than the Bengals/Steelers game (1). You’ve snapped the four game winning streak. And although you’re at the bottom of your division, in the NFC Weak, my mistake, East, anything is possible. I know that calling it the NFC Weak wasn’t a nice thing to say. But when you look back at the victories each team picked up, the strength of schedule was, well, weak.

Much respect to Bandwidth_ for standing up for his San Diego Chargers with a comment that his team would light up the Philadelphia Eagles, and they did. How often does a quarterback throw for 450+ yards and lose the game? Ask Donovan. On a more serious note, Brian Westbrook suffered another concussion, making it two concussions in three weeks. If you ask me, it sounds like another running back will be forced to cut his career short. There was a LaDainian Tomlinson sighting. Tomlinson showed flashes of greatness rushing for 96 yards and two TDs. The Chargers never gave up on Tomlinson, showing patience and dedication in a league where you are only as good as your last play.

Overall, Week 10 had its ups with Cincinnati sweeping the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Colts comeback versus the New England Patriots. And then, it had its downs, so many downs and in the Cleveland Browns case, not enough first downs. As always, I can’t talk about every team in these wrap-ups. So I hope that you would step up and own up.

Will “Deshair™” Foskey is a social journalist/blogger, born and raised in New Jersey. His most recent project, has launched to rave reviews this past summer.