NFL Wrap-Up: Week 3, Epic Wins & Epic Fails

AllHipHop Staff

NFL Wrap-Up: Week 3

By Will “Deshair” Foskey

There is a reason why people say, “Never bet on an NFL game!” And it has nothing to do with the highs and lows of gambling or the integrity of the game. Tell the truth. Press the up arrow if you picked the Detroit Lions to beat the Washington Redskins. Just as I thought, no clicking sounds. The Lions led by the Drake of the Gridiron, Matthew Stafford will run this town, if only for a week. Please, hold the champagne my fellow D-Towners; your schedule over the next three weeks is nothing to get tipsy over.

Brett Favre fan or not, didn’t that conniving S.O.B. pull out a big one against Mike Singletary’s San Francisco 49er’s? I understand that football is a team game, but don’t say that to the kicker that misses the game winning field goal during the Superbowl. When your teammates need you, you better pull through. And wow, Brett with two “t’s”, you proved your worth. And now your Minnesota Vikings and the team you’ve rebounded off of, The New York Jets are 3-0. Feeling good Brett? You should be… next Monday Night you finally get what you’ve always wanted; a clean shot at the team that sent you out the pasture, the Green Bay Packers. And wait up, when did you start winning in domes?

Speaking of the J-E-T-S Jets, looking good. That defense is air tight. And the rookie quarterback, Mark Sanchez is humbled and playing within the system. Although I just heard a statement from the coach, Rex Ryan that he is hoping for a Superbowl appearance this season to match his father’s (Buddy Ryan) first season as the Jets coach. You know what, I like the Jets, just because they don’t mind speaking their peace. Hey Kerry Rhodes, we are still waiting for you to speak your peace with us at AHH. Let’s see what you got!

OK, I am Michael Vick’d out. He played in his first game that counts in like eight years and I am happy for him. But I am done. I am done with the post game interviews for someone that only gained 30 all-purpose yards. I am done with hearing about The Wildcat offense that nobody wants to run, except for the Dolphins. Michael wants to be the starting QB, and I’m sorry Philly, but signing Jeff Garcia as a buffer from this happening was as lame as, well, Lil’ Mama doing anything. An NFL rule states that a third string QB can’t take any direct snaps under center, until the fourth quarter. It’s ok, Donovan. You’ll have your job back by week 9 when you are cleared to play (just my observation).

Oh, I’m sorry, there’s a Monday night game… The Cowboy’s vs. The Panthers. I need to hear from your fans, because I don’t want to say a word. As a matter of fact, I want to hear from every NFL fan about their team’s play this past weekend. Which team will receive the most love? And which team will get buried in the dirt next to Bad Boy Entertainment.