NFL Wrap-Up Week 8 – Who Dat? Those Saints…

AllHipHop Staff

Ok, let’s make one thing clear, I love Football. I wouldn’t feel right in writing an NFL Wrap-up every week if I had a favorite team. With that being said, if you notice that I cover one team more than another, check me on it. Trust that I don’t mind it. Just do one thing for me. If you choose to call me out because I haven’t covered your team, I am watching you. Ladies and Gentlemen, OWN UP!

So “Who Dat say they going to beat those Saints”? After last night, nobody (typing that slogan hurt the intelligent part of my brain). The New Orleans Saints are not just undefeated, they are tested. We aren’t looking at a team that hasn’t faced playoff ready competition. We’re looking at a competitive team that doesn’t back down; a team that embodies its hometown’s spirit in facing adversity with strength and grace. The Atlanta Falcons brought it last night. Michael “The Churner” Turner rushed for one of the toughest runs I’ve seen all season. But when you have an emotional leader like Drew “The General” Brees on the field, any pass from any distance, any angle and every situation are possible. He makes his teammates better by not only being the smartest mind on the field; his pinpoint accuracy could make a Pro Bowl player out of his entire receiving squad. Oh yea, Reggie plays for the Saints as well…

The Tennessee Titans are off the slide, winning their first game this season with Vince Young behind the center. The Titans fought hard and came out with a victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. And after watching the Detroit Lions go through a complete season without winning a game, this win for the Titans was a sigh of relief that every team and every fan of the league breathed out. However, there’s just something about Vince Young, wait I know what it is… it was told that he quit on his team last year, which led to him losing his starting quarterback role. There is no crying in baseball and no room for quitters in the NFL. Of course, quitting was denied by Vince at that time. All I know is, winning better be on his mind for the rest of the season. The owner of the Titans called for Young’s reemergence. Let’s hope that it was for his belief in Vince’s talent, and not just to get that large rookie contract off the bench.

There weren’t as many blowouts this past weekend as last week. But wow, those Eagles made the New York Giants look like, well, the Washington Redskins. The Eagles are utilizing their young weapons of the future; Deshaun “The Blur” Jackson, Jeremy “Magneto” Maclin and LeSean “Gap Killer” McCoy, the possible heir apparent to injury stricken Brian Westbrook. Not to mention a defense that leads the league in takeaways, led by Asante “I’ll be taking that” Samuel. On all four cylinders, the Eagles are a tough team to beat. But somehow, they find a way to beat themselves at the wrong time.

In what was promoted as the “Game of the Week” Favre 4.0 and the Minnesota Vikings went into Lambeau and beat the Green Bay Packers 38-26. Favre 4.0 was welcomed into the stadium by a sea of boos, and left the field in a waterfall of tears. If you’re anything like me, you are glad that the Favre 4.0 story has run its course. Now we can get on with our regularly scheduled normal lives.

As always, I can’t talk about every team in these wrap-ups. We are coming up on the halfway point of the regular season. The Saints and the Colts stand alone as the only undefeated teams in the league (sorry, Denver). Which team do you feel is more likely to run the table for the Regular Season? I’d just like to hear from true fans; especially the fans that team took an “L” over the weekend. I love this game!

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