NFL Wrap-Up Week 9: Chad Ochocinco, Dollar Dollar Bill ya’ll!

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NFL Wrap-Up Week 9: Chad Ochocinco,

Dollar Dollar Bill ya’ll!

Is it just me, or is the NFL

regular season flying by? We’ve reached the halfway point, some teams

are rising, some are cresting, and other teams are hitting the skids.

Where does your team stand? I stand on record for saying that the NY

Giants are still the team to beat in the NFC. Too bad they are beating

themselves. New Orleans are crazy resilient. I just have a bad feeling

about their “Comeback Kid” heroics. Will they run out of “Comeback”

at the wrong time? We’ll just have to see… 

Last week, I talked briefly

about the resurgence of the Cincinnati Bengals. They stand at 6-2, would

be 7-1 if not for the freak play at the end of the game against the

Denver Broncos. The Bengals are clicking in every way, with a defense

near the top of the league. There is no surprise that a Carson Palmer

ran offense is paying dividends. Cedric Benson has eclipsed 100 yards

rushing twice against Ray “Mr. Intense” Lewis’ Baltimore Ravens

defense. Bengals fans, make yourself visible. 

Chad Ochocinco, talk to us

kind sir. Tell us why you enjoy paying fines to the NFL? Tell us why

you chose to goof off by having a crisp dollar bill in your hand during

a challenged play in which you chose not to drag your right foot near

the sidelines? Are you telling me that there isn’t another way that

you could be the face of the NFL other than setting yourself back? I

want to talk about what you are doing on the field. Please, don’t

tell us that without your over-the-top touchdown dances that you have

nothing left. You are still one of the best wide receivers in the league.

Be known for that. 

And will the real Arizona Cardinals

please stand up? You handed a beat down to the depleted Chicago Bears

defense, running away with a game that wasn’t as close as the final

score. I can’t tell whether you executed the perfect strategy against

the Bears, or the Bears falling apart. At your best, you were nearly

unbeatable in last year’s playoffs. At your worst, nobody is interested

in acknowledging you. Oh, how could I forget… 

Matt Leinert, I’d like to

ask what happened to your career, but I’d be out of line in asking

that question. When you were given the opportunity to take snaps, you

are expected to carry the game out. So how could you be benched for

Warner to come back into the game? Really Matt, you were handed a double

digit lead. All you had to do was manage the game. And the first chance

you got, you threw an interception? Never have I seen the back-up quarterback

come into a game to close it out, and get pulled due to lack of production.

For shame… 

Welcome to Skidsville, where

NFL teams visit after transforming strong season starts into head scratching

losing streaks. The Chicago Bears started their season 3-1, even after

the loss of the engine that makes their tough defense work, Brian Urlacher

for the season. Now the effects of losing Urlacher are tearing their

defense apart, one fallen player at a time. I watched this game from

start to finish and could only shake my head every time a Bear was escorted

off the field with an injury. And Tommie Harris, what is your story?

Knowing your position of importance in the Chicago defense, you want

to throw a punch, which ultimately led to your ejection? The San Francisco

49er’s, Washington Redskins, and NY Giants are all on four game losing

streaks. If I just named your team, I hope that you have a support system

in place. When teams hit the skids, there fans have nothing else to

do but get blasted (drunk). 

Congratulations to the Tampa

Bay Buccaneers, led by their rookie QB, Josh Johnson for winning their

first game of the season versus the sputtering Green Bay Packers. There

aren’t any more winless teams in the NFL this season. The Detroit

Lions will not have a guest in winless infamy this year. I hate to see

grown men crying. Well unless Serena Williams walk by… an onion has

that effect on the eyes. 

Closing things out, Kansas

City Chief running back, Larry “Up In the Club” Johnson was released

from the team. The two time Pro-Bowl running back which also holds the

NFL record for most carries in one season (416) has worn out his welcome

on so many levels. There was even a petition in Kansas City not to allow

for Larry to break fan favorite, Priest Holmes, all-time team rushing

record. Larry was 75 yards short, and some say that he was a Beanie

Seigal short of State Property. 

As always, I can’t talk about

every team in these wrap-ups. So I hope that you would step up and own

up. The New England Patriots are going to Indianapolis on Sunday night.

Who do you think will come out with the victory? 


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