Nick Delahoyde- The Longest Way

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Everyday, I'm inundated with young hopefuls that are intent on getting their music out to a wide audience. I only have two ears (and if you've seen, you know that they are very small) so I am not able to listen to all these submissions, but I applaud the effort nonetheless. Recently, I stumbled across a young up and comer named Nick Delahoyde. While this is not the same sort of molly-happy Hip Hop that is currently dominating Top 40 radio, Nick has a refreshing bent to his music. He appears at once humble, energetic, but confident in his abilities-- the three halmarks of a successful rapper.

Music wasn't always in the cards for Nick. In pursuit of a professional football career, Nick moved to Barcelona, Spain at the age of 15 and lived there for 4 years. It was during this time that Nick started to explore hip-hop music as a way of expressing his frustrations with the ups and downs of following his dreams. What started out as an outlet, soon became a burning passion. Nick wrote lyrics and melodies to his favorite instrumentals as well as original songs, in collaboration with Sydney based composer, musician and producer (and brother) Joseph de la Hoyde (de la Aurora & Monks of Mellonwah).

Nick started off writing his own introspective lyrics and recording them over modern hits, sharing his work on Youtube and Instagram (where he's built an audience of over 60,000 at @ndelahoyde). Nick's work recently caught the attention of Chicago based Hip-Hop producer Lemoyne 'LA' Alexander (R.Kelly, Aaliyah) who invited Nick to the USA to collaborate. The result, Nick's debut single “The Longest Way,” realeased in October, entered the US top 100 chart strongly in 2015.

Charting this early in his career, the sky is truly the limit for Nick Delahoyde. If God willing and the creek don't rise, Nick's eventual debut album will feature the same sort of fearless disposition he executes on his debut single. The Hip Hop is sorely in need of it.

Put who am I? Check out Nick's video for "The Longest Way" for yourself. Maybe you'll spark up some interesting Youtube comment arguing.

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