Nikki Lynette Is The Artist You Need To Hear In 2017

Singer/Writer/Rapper Nikki Lynette has dropped one of the freshest, original and necessary albums this year. But, the story is so much more.

(AllHipHop Features) I will never forget the day I met Nikki Lynette. It was in 2011 at a music outing I was hosting in New York City. She was a cute little thing, but I immediately realized she was much more than her packaging. After taking a few pictures, I discovered that she was quite a character: funny, wild and original. Additionally, I'd find out she was a multi-talented, complex singer, producer and songwriter. A Chicago native, She made me laugh and kept me on my toes that night. We quickly became friends. Like real friends.

In the music industry, you eventually gather that your friends are rarely real or genuine. Nikki and I connected on several levels, including being proponents of counterculture. She raps and sings, but is also decidedly rock-n-roll (or in her words “equal parts Hip-Hop, alternative, and pop”). Me, I clearly skew Hip-Hop, but really, truly love most forms of edgy music. Nikki and I were…and are…really good friends. We’ve had a number of ups and downs, which have really threatened that, but somehow, someway we have endured. It is a bit of a miracle, I think. Most friendships we encounter are superficial, industry-driven, faker than plastic and can be deleted, blocked and removed faster than an IG picture. “What can you do for me today, friend?”

Nikki hasn’t released an album since the year we met. That all changed on September 18, 2017. She has ceremoniously released (Manic Pixie Dream Girl), which is in parentheses for some reason. This album is of importance, because it is released on the anniversary month that Nikki attempted suicide. “I’m releasing it in September because it’s the anniversary of when I tried to kill myself,” Nikki said in a statement. “I didn’t think I’d live to release new music. So it makes sense to kick off the project at a tie that means something to me.”

It really is a blessing that Nikki Lynette is still with us. (Manic Pixie Dream Girl) is one-third of a series called “Happy Songs About Unhappy Things." After one listen, I am already clamoring for more. Many of the struggles that she has faced are woven in and out of a conclave comprised of alternative, rock, pop and a smidgen of rap. She and her collaborator Matt Hennessy make for a cohesive team with others joining in. Most importantly, Nikki Lynette has re-discovered her voice again and what a beautiful, strong and necessary voice it is. She has overcome much and I can say that I am proud of her progress, her music and her realness. Authenticity is a scarce commodity in music in 2017.

Never fear. There is more to come. Chronicles of a Crazy “B!+ ¢# and The Suicide Bridge do not have release dates set, but they will. And when they come out, I’ll be certain to let you know.

Congratulations, Nikki. On everything.

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