No Spoilers Views: Jordan Peele's "Us"


Jordan Peele is at it again and his mind is more demented than ever!

By C. Brown

(AllHipHop Features) First off, the less you know about the movie the better. If you can, go into this film completely blind. "US” is another great offering from Jordan Peele who is proving to be one of the best new directors working today. In a nutshell, just as you’ve seen in the trailer, this movie is about family that goes on vacation and then suddenly find themselves visited by a family that looks just like them. Chaos ensues. That is all you need to know for now.

Whereas “Get Out” dealt with a bit more allegory and social commentary, “US” plays like a more like a traditional Horror-Thriller. However, there is still enough subliminal imagery, ambiguous themes, and misdirection within the film to let you know this movie demands repeated viewings to fully decipher. It’s also the type of movie that can be interpreted different ways based on the material presented and how it’s presented. In terms of the direction, Jordan Peele once again proves to be a Master Storyteller here utilizing great shot selection, cinematography, and an extremely creepy score that increasingly builds tension as the movie plays out. Jordan also weaves together a blend of laughs, jump scares, suspense and frightening moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke do a wonderful job in their roles as do the actors who play their children. Remember, each actor is playing duel characters (as seen in the trailers - no spoiler) so there are two distinct personalities that they have to juggle. They all pull it off effortlessly but Lupita Nyongo’s acting was just on another level. She completely rocked this performance. In a perfect world, she would get an Oscar Nomination for her performance here.

With only one viewing of this movie, I don’t know if I can say this is better than “Get Out” but it does serve as a great companion piece to it! There are very minor issues and nitpicks you could point out but it's nothing enough to overshadow the film. Also, keep in mind as you go in that the trailers have only given you a glimpse of the subject matter – There is a lot more to the movie as it plays out and the various layers are peeled back. After the movie, you will be playing it back in your head as even more pieces come together.

That said, if your a fan of the genre and/or of Peele's "unique" style of filmmaking, I definitely recommend checking this one out! Jordan Peele is now 2 for 2!