O’Ryan: Third Time’s A Charm

O’Ryan is one of the rare R&B artists blessed enough to have a sizable fan base long before he releases his debut album. Being the younger brother of former B2K front man Omarion and IMX’s Marques Houston has helped considerably, but he plans to carve his own niche above and beyond anything done before him. The 16 year-old “singsation” refuses to be pigeonholed into one single category, and will stop at nothing to separate himself from the flooded R&B scene.

Backed by a savvy marketing campaign by Universal Records, constant appearances in popular magazines worldwide, and sold out shows across the country, O’Ryan can only foresee himself being lifted to the highest of highs. In a candid interview with Allhiphop.com Alternatives, he briefly discusses his budding career and certain issues that surround his brother’s former super group.

Allhiphop.com Alternatives: When did you first fall in love with music?

O’Ryan: I fell in love with music while I was in my mom’s stomach. Before I was even born I fell in love with music.

AHHA: As far as you career goes, are you more interested in writing, producing, or performing?

O’Ryan: I am shooting for the top, but you know, I am not in this business just to be in it. [I am not doing this to] get a number one album and make a lot of money. I am in it because I love music and I love performing music. I just want to be successful to my highest ability.

AHHA: Is your first album age appropriate only for teenagers or is it a versatile album that everyone can relate to?

O’Ryan: It is pretty much an all-age record.

AHHA: When it was first put out that [former B2K manager] Chris [Stokes] was supposedly robbing B2K, what was your reaction? Did you take his word for that he did not, or did you check things out?

O’Ryan: Chris and my mother are co-managing me and I have known Chris all of my life. He has been like an uncle to me, so when they said he robbing B2K, it was totally off the wall. He was really upset and he felt like he got stabbed in the back. He even showed me, but it doesn’t matter because I know he got me straight.

AHHA: Ever since the formal break-up of the group, have you worked with any of the other members besides your brother?

O’Ryan: No.

AHHA: Which genre of music more fits your musical style? Is it Hip-Hop, R&B, or some other form of music?

O’Ryan: I would say R&B.

AHHA: Are you going to be taking any of the credit for the writing portion of your album?

O’Ryan: Not this time around, but on the second album, I will most definitely be doing what I have to do on the writing side.

AHHA: Have you heard about Raz-B’s recent run-in with the law? If you have, do you have any comments about it?

O’Ryan: I just hope he’s alright. I do not really know any details about it or anything.

AHHA: Does it satisfy you or bother you more to just be known as ‘Omarion’s little brother’?

O’Ryan: It’s no different. [Either way] I am Omarion’s little brother. Growing up I have always been under him, so it’s not a bad feeling. It’s cool, but I want everybody to know me as O’Ryan and not [just] Omari’s little brother.