OG Spice 1 Talks The Migos, Wack 100 And The Politics Of Respect In Hip-Hop

The Bay area O.G. talks about new label, his first artist, Q Bosilini as well as his issues with Migos and Wack 100.

By Percy Crawford (MrLouis1ana)

(AllHipHop Features) As we rolled into the 2000’s the west coast hip-hop scene had taken a backseat to other regions. Fast forward to 2019 and we are seeing a resurgence from the Westside of the nation. Los Angeles native, Jay Rock recently won a Grammy and Nipsey Hussle was nominated for one, officially solidifying the revival of west coast rap. There are also several young budding stars and veterans who are putting the quality of life back on the hip-hop scene in California. However, long before, Jay Rock was “winning” and Nipsey Hussle was taking his “Victory Lap,” Hayward, California produced Spice 1 (Sex, Pistols, Indo, Cash and Entertainment). A brash, street O.G. who’s lyrics mimicked the meaning of his name. Spice, was discovered in the late 80’s by Too Short, a popular emcee out of the Bay area. At the time of Tupac’s death, Spice 1 was collaborating on a “One Nation” album with the fallen star. Despite several studio albums, Spice’s notoriety came from his hit song, “Trigga Gots No Heart,” which was featured on the Menace II Society Soundtrack and later added to his “187 He Wrote,” album. Now, his focus is solely concentrated on his new record label, “Thug World Music Group,” and his first artist, “Q Bosilini.”

I had a chance to catch up to the west coast legend to discuss the record label, what he’s looking for in an artist and his ongoing feud with manager, Wack 100 as well as the popular group, Migos.

AllHipHop.com: What’s up with you, OG?

Spice 1: Man, it’s good. Just holding shit down. I’m trying to get “Thug World” [Music Group] off the ground. I’m trying to get something going as far as selling these records and doing something big. Making something happen real big with “Thug World.”

AllHIpHop.com: You were discovered by Too Short, now you’re in a position to recruit talent. What has that process been like and what are you looking for in an artist?

Spice 1: I just look for talent straight up. There is a difference in somebody being able to do something and being really-really good at something and when somebody has talent at doing something. Michael Jordan have talent. Allen Iverson have talent in the things that they do. That’s what I’m looking for. I look for that in my artist as far as that eye of the tiger syndrome and shit. As far as them being talented and being able to attract a world- wide audience and entertaining the fans. As long as they are entertaining and talented, I could work with them. If they can build a nice fan base then I can push them and promote them and try and get it poppin.

AllHipHop.com: I’m sure some are surprised that your first artist isn’t from the west coast. Tell us about Q Bosilini.

Spice 1: I always be thinking like, “I got a record label.” I’m not going to hold no bars on where my talent comes from. This is a business. As far as where my talent comes from… that doesn’t matter. I came from a place nobody ever heard of called, Hayward, California. I’m doing quite well as a Hayward nigga. Wherever you’re from, it don’t matter where you’re from it just matters who you are and if you’re good at your craft and if you’ve mastered your craft. If you can attract fans, that’s really all you need and a little bit of luck. Luck plays a part in this shit too. You don’t just blow up. I done seen them put $50 and $60,000 and close to a half-a-million dollars behind an artist and the shit don’t go nowhere. I don’t know where that nigga at today and I done a song with him. And this is 10-years later type shit. It all depends on if they are entertaining or not and if they have a wide following hell yeah.

AllHipHop.com: Ice Cube once rapped on Scarface’s “Hand of the Dead Body,” “Gangsta N-I-P, Spice 1 or Tupac never gave a gun to me.” That seemed like forever ago and yet you’re still here, still in the game, what are the keys to your longevity?

Spice1: I couldn’t tell you, man. On some real sh#t, I feel like I’m a part of Hip-Hop. I came from break dancing, graffiti on the walls and trying to DJ. The whole five elements of hip hop, I haven’t mastered them all, but I have tried them all and the one I was the best at was rapping. With all of that said, I am hip hop. I am a part of Hip-Hop. I can’t go anywhere. This is me. It’s a part of my life, I’m a part of hip hop and I’m not going to let them have no rap game without me. I ain’t going nowhere without my bag either. I could sit here and do my music and push my record label, but at the end of the day, I’m trying to make my bag. When I first came into this industry, writing my songs and making my music, I wasn’t in it for the money. But now, I kind of am.

I’m pushing my record label and I’m trying to get my money now. Back in the day I didn’t feel like I got my fair chance at getting my bag because I had so many people in my way and the people that I trusted wasn’t really down with me. People that I thought would be down with me now not down with me like I thought they would be. So, it brought new meaning to me putting a “1” at the end of my name. It means a whole lot more. It’s crazy right now with me and the label and everything. I’m heading into uncharted waters as far as being a record label CEO. And we gangsta all the way. We ain’t trying to be gangsta, our opinion on shit is gangsta. We pushing, man as far as what the record label is doing. Hopefully we are a real success in the years to come.

AllHipHop.com: You have been very vocal as far as the situation with Wack 100 and the situation with Migos. I definitely wanted to give you a chance to speak on those situations.

Spice 1: This is what these younger guys gotta understand, we are them 10 to 15-years from now. We are them and they are us, we the same. So, how can they expect for a nigga like me to not say nothing. What the f##k? Soulja Boy was saying sh#t about anybody saying something. For them to expect for me not to say nothing… especially for the sh#t that Wack 100 was saying about Pac and his momma, I guess he just thought a motherf#cker was going to let him slide with that sh#t. You think you ni##as could walk around and say, “I’m the shit. Fuck all these ni##as.

They weren’t the sh#t, but we the shit now,” and completely disrespect our legacy and expect for us to fade away quietly into the fucking night, they got a goddamn problem. They got a whole other motherf##king problem. They got life and bullsh#t f##ked up if they think that we… well, me is going to fade quietly away in the night without my motherf##king bag.

AllHipHop.com: I loved the point you made about Migos claiming to be better than Bone Thugs N Harmony, but you said, Bone has a song with Biggie and Tupac. That’s big time. Not to mention Phil Collins.

Spice 1: And Eazy-E brought them in the game. They ain’t been around nothing but bosses the whole time and all of their fans, they have a cult following. They fans have been their fans for like 30-years. You can’t compare 2-years of fame to 30-years of fans. That’s hypocritical and something an idiot would do.

AllHipHop.com: You also are not letting anyone get shots off on Tupac at all.

Spice 1: It’s just so fucked up. I would never want anyone to be able to do that to me. When I’m gone, some old bitch ass nigga, some old Barney Rubble looking ass nigga, try to come out of the blue and fade my legacy and get away because he’s a bitter motherfucker for no reason. Especially if I didn’t even know the nigga before I died. I don’t even know the motherfucker and he don’t know me. I hit him [Wack 100] up when he first dissed, Pac like that. I hit him up and I tried to talk to him. I was on some, “Hey man, that’s my potna, man. Chill out. I see you mad and you might be in your feelings or whatever, but just chill. That’s my potna. If you cool with me then chill, my nigga.” He never responded and I hit him with that shit months ago the first time he said some shit. Now because I said something to him, he in his feelings, but nigga, I tried to get at you the right way. I tried to come at you like a black man, but now you going to make a nigga act ignorant because you out here talking that shit and you didn’t respond to me.

But with the Migos, it wasn’t really directed towards the Migos. It was just directed towards motherf##kers that be wearing dresses and fingernail polish and shit. I’m lost. I’m like, what the f##k are you niggas doing? And the word f#g, that’s just a word when I’m pissed off. I don’t mind gay motherf##kers. Let gay motherfuckers be gay, that’s more women for us. I’m not hating on gay people. When I’m pissed off and I start talking bout shit, my words just become what the fuck I want to say. I’m gangsta with the shit. I didn’t mean to offend no gays or no shit like that. A fag is a different thing. These niggas are f#gs. They walking around acting like they straight, but they gay. That’s a f#g. A gay person is a gay person who says, “Hey man, I’m gay.” But a f#g is a motherf##ker who tries to keep the shit on the under, like the b#tch did with Young Buck. That’s f#g shit right there. That’s a f#g. That kind of sh#t, like I’m a dress like a gay motherf##ker, but I ain’t gay, but people going to call me that and I just need attention.

What really pissed me off is that they call themselves thugs. When they said that, now they coming into my motherfucking category; with me and Tupac, Thug Life and The Outlaws. Them niggas is not us. They not us. Them ni##as is not us. They want to say thugs, they not thugs, they some other sh#t. Half of the thugs is dead. It’s only a few riding around this motherf##ker. That was my whole point. I wasn’t disrespecting gay motherf##kers. But I will disrespect a fa##ot ass ni##a though with that bullsh#t. Just like the ni##a did Young Buck. Ni##as like that, who dress up like a bitch and try to fool a ni##a. “He like men.” Ni##a he didn’t know you were a goddamn man. He had no f##king idea. That’s f#g shit right there. “Thug World” is in this motherf##ker trying to make it happen. We are welcoming all entertainers and anybody with some good talent that can attract a crowd, get this sh#t poppin and come f#ck with us. We over here trying to push your sh#t and we going to keep this sh#t real. “Thug World,” ni##as, this is really-really thug world, so stay tuned.

Here's some of the back history on the beef with Spice 1 and Wack 100.

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