Ol’ Dirty to Dirt McGirt: Welcome Home

Ol’ Dirty to Dirt McGirt: Welcome Home

A two years stretch in jail is liable to test

hip-hop’s collective, forgetful memory. However, when Ol’ Dirty Bastard,

now known as Dirt McGirt, was greeted with a flock of reporters, photographers,

fans and family – a reminder that Dirt is one of the most fascinating rappers

to grace the culture. Now a Roc-A-Fella soldier, what does the man born Russell

Jones do? Reinvents himself. Starts a clothing line. Gets a reality show. So,

get set for a new album anchored as you are about to be reacquainted with the

same affable, zany character that changed the face of rap music.

The following is an interview with several reporters

from the New York Metropolitan area.

[Introduction] Dame Dash: My name is Dame Dash.

I’m the CEO of Roc-A-Fella. I think what you are witnessing is an evolution

of an empire...and now its time to evolve. It's time to do bigger things and

touch everyone. What we want to do is take over the whole world, the planet.

We want to be the best at everything. Any opportunity I see, when I see a good

person, when I see someone as talented, that’s about their business, that

wants to get money, I could care less about what everybody else says about them.

All I know is what I see. And that’s why I have chosen to get with Ol Dirty

Bastard. What’s your new name?

ODB: Dirt McGirt. [crowd laughs, cheers and claps.]

DD: That’s a cake-aholic [wants money].

I think he’s ready to go in the studio and make some hits. He’s consistently

done it. He’s entertained us on every level. And all we want to do is give

him love and get him to where he got to go. Also I want to thank Mariah Carey

for coming out as a friend. [Crowd claps] She’s always there.

Mariah: I gotta be fresh to def.

DD: I’m proud to present the newest member

of The Roc. I have to do the official and give him a chain. [bestows ODB with a gold Roc-A-Fella chain]

ODB: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…It's like

I’m happy to be here, you know. It's like…I don’t know man…I

thought I wasn't gonna be able to touch another microphone or something. I’m

happy to see my mother right here. [Claps] I’m looking forward to a future

with Roc-A-Fella, you know what I’m saying? That’s my man Damon Dash

right there. He looked out for me. Shout out to Mariah Carey. She’s my

sweetheart. And my crew Brooklyn Zoo and the Wu Tang Clan because ya’ll

know how Wu Tang gets down. We gets down when we gets down. We go back to the

dinosaur days. You know G, just look for it, look for it.

Old Dirty, is it true that you just got out today?

ODB: Yeah, I just got out. They had me over there.

sh*t was wild. They had me in Clinton to Marcey Corrections. I went to Manhattan

State Corrections or something. They was trying to lock me in man because I

was running around being Dirt McGirt..they were like, ‘We don’t know

nothing about this young cat right here.’ I had to hit ‘em with a

couple Dirt McGirt wear and they let me go! [crowd explodes into laughter]

Is Ol’ Dirty going to be doing more songs

with Mariah Carey?

ODB: Absolutely. I wanna thank Damon Dash for

throwing the chain on me real quick. Its dirty. I like it. It pretty man.

Dirty, how did this union come together with

you and The Roc?

ODB: It just came, man. It just came. Some things

are just meant to be.

DD: Somebody special brought us together. Things

come from the most surprising places.


DD: That girl right there from VH-1. I was like

if I get with ODB, that would be all good. She made it happen very quick.

ODB, how are you feeling physically and mentally,


ODB: I’m alright physically and mentally

and I’m just…got the little crip with me. I feel good. I feel good.

How long were you in jail and now that you are

out, how do you feel?

ODB: I was incarcerated for like 2 years. Two

years and several months. It was hell out there and you know – so what.

I feel good. I’m happy to be here. I'm happy my eyes are open still.

What’s all the hype with the clothing line

you have coming out?

ODB: The hype with the clothing line? I don’t

know man. I’m just throw it in the streets and BOOM, you know what I’m

saying? [Laughter from crowds]

What do you think about the current state of


ODB: The current state of hiphop? Since I been

gone, it got radical. It got crazy. Sitting up in the cell, watching my ni**gas

do their thing, its like – I don’t know man. They got it going on

man. I just want to jump in there like a swimming pool. [laughter]

What producers do you think you will be working


ODB: Everybody hot. I’m looking forward

to my man 50 and I don’t know. Jay-Z. Ghostface. You know. Mariah Carey.

You know, I’m out right now, respect that. [Applause]

Two things – First, What’s Wu Tang’s

involvement in your next album gonna be and, number two, are you gonna tour

on the Roc Army Tour?

ODB: Yeah, I’m down with that. [group laughs]

DD: He is gonna be a involved in anything that

The Roc does and anything he can do, he’s gonna do. It’s all on him.

This is your thing.

And is Wu Tang gonna be involved production-wise?

DD: Anything he wants.

Do you think your time locked up will impact

your lyrics?

ODB: Yes. [Crowd laughs]

When you went to sign Ol’ Dirty, how much

did his past concern you?

DD: I’m not concerned at all. You can actually

see how much I am concerned. [Crowd laughs]

Is Roc-A-Films going to be apart of the movie

that tells the story of Ol’ Dirty’s life?

DD: Hell yeah. Its being shot right now. You

are actually in it. [crown laughs]

Are there going to be anymore sightings of Big

Baby Jesus?

ODB: You see him when you see him, man.

What was the first thing you wanted to do when

you got out?

ODB: Give my mother a hug. [a collective “Awwwwwwwwww…” from the crowd]

How do you feel about Elektra Records?

ODB: Ain’t nothing but love.

[Female] What are you gonna do tonight?

ODB: I don’t know. I gotta stretch my body.

Get a massage or something. You looking pretty yourself. [Crowd explodes into