Olivia: "I Never Left"

AllHipHop Staff


the reason for Olivia’s departure from G-Unit is not so important at

this point, even though we'll re-hash it for a few. Both sides seem to want to forget the whole debacle and

move on; although the rumors were quite entertaining to say the least.

Either way it’s in the past and Olivia is back on her grind to claim

her place in the R&B world. Even though she claims she never really

stopped doing music, visibility wasn’t strong on the television or

music charts. With a new mid tempo, sweetly hooked single titled “Take

It Off”, she could very well be off to a good start.


Olivia first materialized on the scene with “Bizounce” I questioned

just what type of longevity she would have in this industry. She popped

up years later with G-Unit and it seemed like maybe she would gain some

type of stability there. Yet her role seemed a bit choppy and non fluid

within that team as well. The woman did have a great upbringing within

this competitive field. Working under Clive is always a plus. With that

being said she has re-emerged with a new outlook on her role and place

within the industry.

AllHipHop.com: What brought

the desire for a comeback?

Olivia: First of all I didn’t

leave. I was overseas touring and recording, doing things like that.

I just wanted to take a little break so that I could re-brand myself.

Everybody thought I was still with G-Unit, some people still ask me

if I am with them. I just wanted to take some time off to do this whole

album over again. Do some recording and go overseas to perform. That

was the whole point of just chilling; I wanted to get away from the

whole G-Unit thing.

AllHipHop.com: What exactly

happened with G-Unit?

Olivia: It was really just

a bunch of politics. 50 and I had the same manager. We always had conflicts

with him bringing back information on me or him bringing in information

on him. There was no R&B present at the labels; there wasn’t any

at Violator or at G-Unit. 50 really had to do everything himself.

He doesn’t know about R&B, he only knows about rap music. He was

trying to market me as a rapper. We would always have those conflicts

where I would tell him that things weren’t going where I wanted them

to go. He would have to have the last say because he’s the boss. In

the end, he and I talked about it and I told him I really wanted to

leave the label. We had to figure out a way for me to leave it and that’s

when things got funny. Everyone started coming up with stories that

happened and what not. We just let the media go wild. I was just happy

to be off the label.


and I haven’t spoken. We both tried to reach out to each other and

it didn’t work out. It’s all cool though. Everything is fine." -Olivia

AllHipHop.com: You can rap

if you wanted to right?

Olivia: Yes I can. 

AllHipHop.com: Is there any

hard feelings between you and 50?

Olivia: No not at all. I still

talk to Banks and Yayo all the time. Sha Money is my big brother. Fif

and I haven’t spoken. We both tried to reach out to each other and

it didn’t work out. It’s all cool though. Everything is fine.

AllHipHop.com: What’s something

you can take from your experiences with record labels?

Olivia: J Records was my very

first label. I was straight out of college and he put people from all

different labels together. People were just learning how to work under

Clive. I was just learning how to work under Clive. There were people

brought in from different labels and I knew I was an experimental project.

I was just happy to be there. That was my first job. I then went over

to Interscope and I met Fif there to do Interscope/G-Unit. That is where

I really learned about the politics of things. I knew exactly what I

was doing and how the industry is. This being the third time I’m ready.

AllHipHop.com: You did a bit

of acting; you want to talk a little about that?

Olivia: Yes. The three movies

are ready. My acting coaches are Tracey Moore and she is amazing. She

trains all the big actors and actresses you can think of in the industry.

The first movie we did was called “Peephole”. The last one we shot

was called “Conspiracy X” with Shawn Baker as the director. Kellita

Smith is in that one, it’s a great movie. It’s about a guy who just got out

of jail and he’s trying to get back on his feet. He ends up running

his own clothing company. Somebody tries to frame him and that is why

it’s called “Conspiracy X”. I’m just happy to be able to get

into new things and pursue different endeavors.

AllHipHop.com: Was the acting

done as another way to pass time?

Olivia: Not at all. Like I

said it was never passing time, because I was overseas. In movies it

just came naturally. It was something my acting coach said was natural

for me. I should go ahead and pursue it. I did a few personal classes

with her and she brought me over to Paradon and we met with a few people

and it kept going from there. Being on stage is kind of like acting

in a way. Instead of me having to sing, I’m acting. 

"The overseas audience

is always wonderful. They’re always very responsive and more energetic

and hyper. They’re very friendly and the crowds are amazing." - Olivia

AllHipHop.com: What was your

experience like overseas?

Olivia: The overseas audience

is always wonderful. They’re always very responsive and more energetic

and hyper. They’re very friendly and the crowds are amazing. The crowds

are larger as opposed to over here. That’s why you may notice more

artists enjoying their time overseas.

AllHipHop.com: The style of

your music will stay consistent with R&B right?

Olivia: Yes, it’s R&B.

It’s going to be a different sound. Most people expect from me what

they heard when I was with G-Unit. That’s just what I had to produce

at G-Unit because that’s what I had to do to fit in. I couldn’t

come straight R&B because Fif wanted me to do stuff with him, or

the guys would want me to do something with them. It’s not like I

could be doing a ballad on a song with them. It had to fit the whole

process that we were doing. You’re going to hear something totally

different, but it is still R&B.

AllHipHop.com: What are some

highlights to look out for on your upcoming album?

Olivia: As far as some of the

producers and artists on the album there is Missy Elliott, Rock Wilder

and Ne-Yo is on there. I got a few new producers including Sham and

Marcus Divine. I have the hot producers and the hot up and coming ones.

I wrote 85 percent of the album. We just had a really good time doing

it. Like I said I’m making sure to do all of the songs that I had

at G-Unit over. A lot of people were asking if any of the songs from

Behind Closed Doors was going to be on it. I did the whole album

over and I’m glad I did.

AllHipHop.com: You write most

of your own music, who else have you written for?

Olivia: I have written for

other people, but I can’t really say who.

AllHipHop.com: Do you have

a release date for your album?

Olivia: Yes, we’re looking

to do February/March. There is a track that leaked called “Take it

Off”. We’re going to run with that. It was supposed to be the “buzz”

record but it’s picking up quickly so we’re just going to run with

it."Take It Off"