Overnight Celebrity

Artist: Sun.N.Y.Title: Overnight CelebrityRating: 3 StarsReviewed by: Danielle Stolich

Most fans know SunN.Y. as the undefeated freestyle champ from Atlanta’s HOT 107.9-FM and later, BET’s ever-popular 106th & Park. His ability to reign supreme for seven weeks straight on BET caught the attention of music mogul Jermaine Dupri, making SunN.Y. the first new artist signed under JD’s presidency at Virgin Records. SunN.Y.’s debut, Overnight Celebrity (SoSo Def/Virgin Records) is a twelve track testament to the skills that got him signed (the kid is nice); however it does little to set him apart from his competitors.

Overnight Celebrity opens with the Chad West-produced “S.O.H (Soul of a Hustla)” where SunN.Y. describes the innermost thoughts of a hustler in first-person over a somber track with a twinkling piano. “I’m on the corner where the Remy pour, crack flow and the dimes/Goons patiently waiting in cuts to clap nines/Playing ‘em like curtains when it’s cued, it’s showtime/ Action! Taking yo’ shine/ You shook wit a look like ‘N*gga what’s on yo’ mind/No questions all he know now what’s yours is mine/ That 44 flash could make a victim go blind/ The next flash you’ll meet the maker of all kind.”

With lyrics like that, it’s crystal clear that SunN.Y.’s strength lies in his imagery and detailed storytelling abilities, which shine heavily on “S.O.H” as well as album standouts “Same Corner”, “Luv 4 Me” and “Life of a Hustla.” His flow is melodic and neutral in the sense where fans from any region can feel his style. This is evident on “Same Corner” where he spits hood tales that anyone from Any Hood, USA can relate to. On the head-nodding “Luv 4 Me” SunN.Y. gets introspective and speaks on his struggles before the record deal. Over soulful, sped-up vocals and violins, he cautions “And handouts is costly, watch those that help ya/Same hands that turned you down tell the town they felt ya/And they say it’s wrong for you to throw it up in they face/And what about that b*tch Kiana that kicked me out of her place/Well I thank her for that, it ain’t no beef between us/Because of her, millions of people’ll hear my name through the speakers.”

While Overnight Celebrity has its highs, there are a few low moments. Trying hard to prove himself as not just another battle rapper but as an artist who can create songs, joints like “Gucci Kicks” and the corny ode to the ladies, “Baby Girl” sound like cliché attempts to appeal to the females and commercial fans. These songs seem forced, especially after a listen to what SunN.Y. is capable of on the album’s stronger tracks.

Overall, Overnight Celebrity is a solid debut that is worth checking. Although this material is likely to appeal to the BET/MTV fan base, with time SunN.Y will discover his own voice, proving to the world he is far from being “106 and Park with the flow