Smack DVD: Backed Up, Smacked Up

On November 8, 2002, two complete strangers came together and smacked the s**t out of the streets! Bronx-native, Craig Davis and Queens-native Smack united to create Smack DVD, which means Streets, Music, Arts, Culture and Knowledge. Smack DVDs have become one of the hottest commodities on the streets, whether bought, borrowed or bootlegged. Craig, Smack […]

Slim Thug: Get Money

Slim Thug is the absolute embodiment of the hustler mentality. Not only does he tell you that he sees Hip-Hop only as a means of getting cash, he actually out-hustles those who steps in his realm and eats better than most off the land that he cultivates. The Houston native loves his cash more than […]

Fabolous: Real Honest Talk

For an entertainer, Fabolous has been through a lot in the last couple years. With crossover success, he’s seemingly had more encounters with the police, who seemed to be on convert operations against the BK rep. Nevertheless, no legal adversity thrown at him stuck and Fab offers the state of affairs as Real Talk, his […]

MC Eiht: Geah!

It’s easy for LL Cool J and Ice Cube to have released so many albums. At least, it’s easier when you’re backed by a major label. What about the others though? Who are the veteran’s of Hip-Hop? Who’s managed to make the most records, and still get up in the morning to rap? MC Eiht […]

The Beastie Boys: No Crossover

Let us never forget the Beastie Boys. According to Russell Simmons’ autobiography "Life & Def," without their debut’s residual sales, Def Jam might’ve folded. Without the Beasties’ reaching audiences that Schooly D didn’t, Hip-Hop may’ve never blossomed to such mass appeal. Without the barriers broken by Brooklyn’s finest, would we march to the beat of […]

DJ Whoo Kid

In today’s current Hip-Hop climate, there is no better promotional tool as effective as the mixtape. No longer do record companies hold the power to impose their data calculated will upon the Hip-Hop community. Thanks to this ever-popular medium, the streets now dictate who is hot. In 2002 mixtapes gave birth to Hip-Hop heavyweight 50 […]