Since 1992, DAS Efx has made it their mission in life to prove that they can compete with the best that Hip-Hop has to offer. Throughout their career, they have achieved many personal triumphs and suffered many setbacks, and have seen the best and the worst this industry has to offer. Coming off a five-year […]

54th Regiment: Glory Days

54th Regiment: Glory Days B’en Original In hip-hop, acts come and go, especially these days. But just when you were almost convinced that neo-soul was only good music worth buying, along comes an group that reminds you of what loved about the rap game from day one. Repping New Jersey, True Essence recording artists 54th […]

Beanie Sigel: Crossroads

Dwight "Beanie Sigel" Grant stands at the crossroads – and perhaps the most pivotal point in his young life. He’s been delivered his share of strife but The Philadelphia-reared rapper is definitely facing the most turmoil of his entire rap career. Currently, Beans is facing federal assault and weapons charges, attempted murder charges and drug […]