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Fred of Da Band: Lord Willin

On the final episode of MTV’s “Making The Band 2.” the world saw Fred just quit, refusing to return from his Florida home to venture back to New York. In a profanity-laced blaze of glory, the Miami-native cursed out P.Diddy’s handlers (and Da Band’s manager) in a way that truly oozed exasperation and frustration. Things […]

Dylan: Airs It Out

When Dylan of Bad Boy’s Da Band signed on the dotted line, he made history to become the first dancehall artist signed to the monolithic label. Now, he might make history as the first to depart as he is slated to drop a mixtape entitled "Life After Diddy," which is hosted by Brooklyn’s DJ Sickamore. […]

Trina: Built To Last

Miami’s Diamond Princess Trina sat down with AllHipHop.com for a candid talk about acting, female competitors, men and her new CD, The Glamourest Life. No need to waste time – you know her. AllHipHop.com: Talk about The Glamourest Life. What kind of album are we going to hear this time? Trina: The album is really […]

Bizzy Bone: Warriors Song

Vincent Van Gogh changed the archetype of the artist. He was a misunderstood street craftsman who basically drove himself crazy. Bizzy Bone isn’t starving, and he’s not crazy. But Bizzy Bone whether you’re a fan or not, signifies the voice of Hip-Hop. Bizzy’s message is that of struggle, pain, and darkness. This side of Bizzy […]

Akinyele: Found Pt. 2

AllHipHop: Eastern Conference represents for the past with Tame-One and RA the Rugged Man. How’d they approach you to actually put this record out? Akinyele: J-Zone put me up on them. He said they were a good label. At the same token, I knew [DJ Mighty-Mi] from a while ago. They were the only label […]

Akinyele: Found Pt. 1

Will Smith’s acting caused most people to long forget his rapping. Much the same, Akinyele’s recent reputation for sexually explicit tracks allowed many to forget just how nice of a grimy MC this legend was. Ten years ago, his debut, V##### Diner was treasured by many a Hip-Hop purist – and still is. But due […]

Planet Asia: Planet Asia

Sign a record label deal. Record album. Release album. Instant riches. If the life of a rapper were that easy, a lot more folk would be in Maybachs canoodling their R&B song stress wife-to-be. Planet Asia will tell you in an instant, success comes from hard work. And with an album that just recently released, […]

Cee-Lo Green: Revolutionary

Cee-Lo Green is such a revolutionary lyricist, he’s ahead of himself, his peers and the bulk of MC’s to appear. But it is his past, not future, which has lead the Atlanta, Georgia rapper to the Goodie Mob, trading verses with comrades Outkast and Lauyrn Hill, and finally one of the most proficiently profound MCs […]

The Alchemist: Beats II the Rhyme

The Alchemist can barely conceal his excitement for his debut album project called 1st Infantry. When entering his mid-town Manhattan studio, the underground beat maestro’s beats are already pounding sounds to be featured his masterpiece. Still, despite crafting his masterwork, putting in work from the ground up and producing tracks for industry heavyweights such as […]

Jadakiss: Moment Of Clarity

If skills sold, Jadakiss would be a superstar. Lyrically, there’s no denying the talent of the Yonkers-bred rapper. “Big told me I’m nice. Hova. Nas.” he says. “All the people I’ve been looking up to for years.” Skills alone, however, won’t guarantee ‘Kiss the success he desires. He wants to do five mil. But in […]

Master P: Big Business

Big business is the cornerstone of Master P’s success, but it’s been his artistry that’s made him the legend he is. But, while P acknowledges haters that pray for his downfall, he also recognizes the New No Limit Tank must roll on. Here, one Percy Miller discusses business, love & hate, his “bankruptcy” and his […]

Scipio: Man Up

How often do you see one man willing to shoulder the burden of returning the West Coast back to Hip-Hop immortality? The man that has the talent and the gumption to take on such a venture has yet to even sign a major record deal. Scipio (pronounced SIP-PEE-OH) has thus far shown that the backing […]

Wyclef: Revelations

Wyclef Jean, aka “The Preacher’s Son” was recently in Miami shooting the video for his next single from The Preacher’s Son album, “Who Gave The Order” featuring Buju Banton. AHH’s Miami correspondent was on the scene to get Clef’s thoughts on the struggle in Haiti, our upcoming Presidential election, the possibility of a Fugee’s reunion […]

Jacki-O: Nature’s Rising

Jacki-O isn’t insulted by the comparisons to some of her raunchy peers. In fact, the chocolate mami takes it all as a compliment. Regardless of the persistent chit chat, Jacki-O has already established herself as a formidable competitor for the vacant female rap crown. Her song “Nookie,” managed to get folks in an uproar and […]

dead prez: Politics As Usual

With firebrand flows on topics ranging from reparations to revolution, in a way, the performance persona of dead prez is similar to that of President Bush’s view of morality in the world. Everything is black and white. Up close and personal, however, M-1 and Stic.man exhibit an eye for nuance. But don’t mistake the duo […]