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Big L: 1974 – 1999

"The Danger Zone," 1999. The world of Hip-Hop and all of its adoring fans were seemingly still reeling from the aftershocks of the tragic and untimely deaths of two of its finest, 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. Senseless acts of violence had run its course and the music world had suffered a mighty blow. Little […]

Shades Of Jay

In 2002 Little Brother Producer 9th Wonder created a cottage industry with his remix of Nas’s Godson CD, God’s Stepson. After winning a spot on Jay-Z’s Black Album it was widely considered as an easy way to get heard. As a result, a rainbow-assortment of Jay-Z remix albums has sprung up. Here is a break […]

D-Block: The Lockdown

p>AllHipHop.com: So, for the dummies – who is D-Block?  Jadakiss: D-Block is Sheek, Jada and Styles P’s label. Supa Mario is the president of it. He runs everything. Sheek was the first artist off it. J hood is coming. We got the D-Block compilation coming out. Jada album’s coming. Styles is coming. It’s the who […]

Tony Touch: No Wonder Why

Tony Touch’s 2000 album The Piece Maker is arguably the best album a DJ ever dropped. Underground and mainstream tracks, freestyles, skits, and every element that we love about Hip-Hop was seamlessly woven together in Toca’s deft mix. Touch scored two hit singles, a slew of fan favorites, and a true moment in time for […]

Jean Grae: Airs It Out

[Editor’s note: This piece contains language of a frank, honest nature. For mature individuals only.] I’m most probably going to get a phone call both from my label and publicist about writing this, but honestly, I’m just tired of mincing my words and being nice about s###. I haven’t really written a lot on allhiphop […]

Pumpkinhead: Back To ’95

With a name like Pumpkinhead, first-time listeners who are up on their horror flicks might expect the Brooklyn-bred emcee to be on some other-type hip-hop. But the 28-year-old isn’t some lyrical demon out for revenge, just an underrated rapper ready to set the underground on fire. “Ain’t no hardcore sh*t going on,” he says. “I’m […]