Paid Dues Independent Hip-Hop Festival

Independent rapper Murs and Guerilla Union collaborated again to bring the 3rd Annual Paid Dues Independent Hip-Hop Festival to New York's Nokia Theater on June 5th.

Independent artists took the stage to a packed crowd of backpackers and Hip-Hop enthusiasts. Among the artists were Kids In The Hall, who performed songs off their debut album School Was My Hustle as well as their most recent project, The In Crowd.

West Coast duo Blackalicious that have been dropping their sped up space cadet flow for almost ten years took the stage to minimal effect. However former Roots member Scratch was impressive to say the least.

He mixed some of Hip-Hop’s most popular singles without a single instrument or turntable. He beat boxed his way through "This is Why I'm Hot,” Kanye's "Jesus Walks,” Missy's "Touch It" and Snoop's "Drop it Like Its Hot" all with mouth made beats that he did on the spot and layered with more beat boxing.

The legendary Buckshot of Black Moon took the stage to a deafening applause. Die hard fans sang every line to his new single "Go All Out" off his collaboration effort The Formula with 9th Wonder as well as classics like "Who Got The Props and “Don't Front.” The biggest highlight of the show was KRS-One taking the stage along side Buckshot performing "The Bridge is Over" and "South Bronx" to a ruckus from the crowd.

9th Wonder former member of Little Brother, accompanied the host of the show, Murs, as he played to the crowd of super serious hip hop heads and overly pumped white boys all nodding through a thick cloud of weed smoke.

The aptly title Paid Dues Concert showcased extremely talented but often overlooked and underrated MCs showcased. It was evident that the diligence of the new crop of MCs mirrors the diligence of the veterans that have a longstanding relationship with their fans despite little mainstream support.