Papoose: Build Or Destroy (Mixtape)

Build Or Destroy (Streetsweepers); two words that can be used to sum up Papoose’s career quite nicely. The former calls to the buzz he created when he was a form of mixtape heatrock in 2004 and 2005. The latter compactly describes his career past 2006 and 2007; going from the one point five million dollar man to leaving Jive Records without releasing his debut album. Still backed by DJ Kay Slay, Papoose starts the year with his twentieth official mixtape that dons the moniker as its title, but just isn’t that good or bad to do either.

Papoose has a knack for shining on tracks that fit his niche, such as “Charades Part 2” and “Law Library Part 5,” both of which are continuations of previous selections that both die hard fans and new listeners should enjoy. This is Papoose at his best, spitting his signature brand of knowledge and street philosophy. Additionally, Pap puts Uncle Murder to shame on "Who Shot Ya 2008."

He also has time to shine over the work produced by mentor Kay Slay with songs such as “Pop Life,” “Sex You Up,” and “I Like It;” giving the listener a couple of different looks from the usual edgy street poet.

If only the mixtape could only keep Papoose building instead of losing steam though. For each "Thugacation" track, there is a song that just isn’t right for Papoose to spit on. “Success” which has Papoose trying to keep up to the synthesizer heavy “The Boss” instrumentation just fails. “Bang Bang” and “Ride Out” are two tracks that flat out lack any real creativity.

Quite ironic a mixtape named Build Or Destroy is filled with tracks that signify complete indifference. Perhaps with the gift of hindsight, they may not have used two powerful words such as build or destroy. While there are standout tracks and there are some bad ones, both are no better or worse than anything else he has put out in the past.


"Who Shot Ya 2008"