Peaches: Queen of Electro-Punk

This is a trite bit personal. Peaches? She is simply fu**ing amazing. I was

first introduced to her music from my co-worker at the office. I couldn't

believe my ears. She was saying all the stuff that my mouth wanted to say. Making songs

that my ears always wanted to hear. Peaches is musical liberation at it's best.

She makes it ok to cuss at random, to talk about sex without, or to clutch your crouch and to shake it all night long. And no she's not a rapper. She a white girl from Toronto,

Canada and armed with her Roland MC-505 beat machine, monster plastic hands,

and pink booty shorts she is Thee Queen of the Electro-Punk circuit. And, oddly enough, she was working with impressionable kids in a drama/music program that she helped to initiate.

But she is not only a rock star. This one is also a Super 8 film junkie. A visit

to her website, (, and you find an assortment of mini

music videos that Peaches shot. She started making movies back in 1999 when

she put together and erotic biker flick called "Chromezone XXX" for a Super

8 film festival in Toronto. The festival asked her to make the movie then

perform live while the movie played. She then teamed with her friend Kara

Blake took the films and picked songs from the "Teaches of Peaches" album

and made them into videos. These Super 8 videos got heavy rotation on German

MTV and other networks.

Peaches got her musical start over in Europe touring with her buddy

Gonzales. Peaches won over audiences with her raunchy lyrics and infectious

slightly hip-hop based beats. Peaches soon landed in Berlin, and was picked

up by the Kitty-Yo Record label and released an EP entitled "Lovertits" in

2000. Gaining popularity all over Europe, Peaches and the Kitty-Yo label

released Teaches of Peaches album. Peaches produced and recorded every

track on the album. The album took off like crazy and was heard at fashion

shows and lesbian bars all over the world. Yes, Peaches is a lesbian icon


Now it's 2003 and Peaches is set to release her new album FatherF**ker. The

album is twelve tracks of pure Electro-Punk genius. The album starts off

with an updated version of Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation," but Peaches pounds her

own twist up in it. Most notable track is the duet "Kick It" with rock legend

Iggy Pop. Iggy and Peaches together on a track is something that can't be

Described – you just have to hear it. Another

must hear track is "Shake Ya Dix," which is certain to be a club anthem at all

the punk bars and college raves. So are you mother fu**ers ready for the

father fu**ers? Alternatives: How did you get the name Peaches?

Peaches: I picked the name because of Nina Simone. She has this song called

"Four Women." I didn't think I was the women in the song but she describes

four women and after each women she says "and they call her" and she says

the name. At the end of the song the last women she says, " and what do they

call her, they call her Peaches," and the way she said was like so cool I

wanted her to sing it to me. I was like Oh Nina Sing to me. So ever sense

then I took on that name. What do you like most about performing live?

Peaches: Just that there's crazy energy and anything can happen. Like maybe

my album I'm giving a 100% but on stage I'm giving 300%. It's like no

stopping me. I'm on the crowd the whole time.

AHHA: What's one of the craziest events that have happened to you

while performing?

Peaches: Crazy events happen to me all the time performing. People show


bits and pieces all the time. I sing "Shake Ya Dix" and guys will pull down

their pants and shake it at me. I've had nine girls get on stage and take

their tops off and dance around me.

AHHA: Do you have a big lesbian following?

Peaches: Yea I have a huge lesbian problem. When I played in Olympia,


that's like lesbian central, they all crowded me there was no stage they

just jumped up and down the whole time.

AHHA: Are there any artists out there that you want to work with?

Peaches: Yeah just two, Iggy Pop and Joan Jett and I worked with them on my

new album. I'd like to work with Missy Elliot and but I don't know anybody

who wouldn't so ill just get in line.