Peedi Peedi: Extra Husky Part Two The media portrayed it as when Dame and Jay split everyone had to pick sides.

Peedi Peedi: It wasn’t like that though. Biggs had called me like, “I need you to come to New York.” I was like, “For what?” And he said, “Nah, I just need you to sign this paper stating that you f**king with us [Dame Dash Music Group].” So I’m like, “I’ll stay with ya’ll if ya’ll cut me a check.” So I got up there to New York to have a meeting for like two hours. He asked me how much I want. I ain’t going to say how much I wanted, but they weren’t feeling what I said. And I like Biggs; he’s more negotiable. Dame was more like, “I ain’t giving him more money; we already spent money on him!” They wasn’t talking anything I wanted to hear. I was like, “I ain’t staying with y’all for free, I’m out. They were like “Where you going to go?” And I’m like, “I’m out, somebody going to scoop me.” So when did you and Dame started to bump heads, was it before the split or after?

Peedi Peedi: It wasn’t nothing too specific; it was just little verbal altercations. He bossy as s**t. He be on some s**t like, “You little bum ass n***as, y’all not trying to get some cake!” And I was like, “You ain’t going to talk to me like that. Tone that s**t down. If you talking that fly s**t on the corner, someone going to punch you in your mouth. So keep all that bossy talk pointing your finger like you that n***a, that don’t work.” He didn’t like my attitude and always said I had a smart mouth. So me and him started clashing on some man to man s**t. So this is the real rap about the [Roc] chain. Print this real husky. No doubt.

Peedi Peedi: So I’m in that meeting about them wanting me to stay with them when Biggs called me up to New York. So they got Beans on the phone thinking he could persuade me to change my decision. They had him on the intercom like, “Yo Beans, your man Crakk is here tripping; Crakk talking about rolling out.” So I’m talking to Beans on the intercom like. “Yo Beans, I’m out. They ain’t talking that money!” Beans was like. “Yo Crakk, you tripping, you out for real?” So Beans is like “Well, give them my chain.” Beans told me to give Biggs his Roc-A-Fella chain that he gave to me when I first got down. I didn’t appreciate that, man. So what you do with the piece?

Peedi Peedi: What you mean? I gave it to them n***as! I just gave them the chain and bounced. So I went back to Philly to do me on the renegade tip. And then my lawyer bumps into Jay at a party and tells him I’m a free agent. And Jay pulled me back in [to Roc-A-Fella] and that’s where I’m at now. That was last year when I did that Ne-Yo “Stay With Me” joint. What was your relationship with Beans after you gave up the chain?

Peedi Peedi: We were still cool. We weren’t on a business tip anymore though. But when I see him in Philly, we still good peoples. What surprised me was that after Beans did his bid he said he was disappointed in the entire State Property outside of Oschino because no-one flew him kites while he was locked down. He said he was most disappointed with you because you been locked up before and know what’s it like.

Peedi Peedi: I read that article. He lying, he lied because I wrote him twice. This is what I don’t appreciate because he got the fans thinking I didn’t show him any love. I wrote him twice and sent him pictures of me and my son. I couldn’t see him though because I was on probation and they don’t let felons visit federal prisons. Did Beans acknowledge that you wrote him though?

Peedi Peedi: Yeah, he acknowledges to it me, but he don’t say it in no articles. But he said it in my face. He got the public thinking I didn’t do nothing while he was in. I really don’t appreciate that. What’s up with the album? Did you get pushed back? Were you getting Def Jam the material quick enough? Was it more on you? Keep it funky.

Peedi Peedi: Yeah, actually, it was me. When it was time to go in, I wasn’tt prepared and I didn’t have an album ready. Hov was like, “Give me an album.” I didn’t know where I wanted to go with the album yet. I wasn’t sure what he wanted from me. I didn’t know what to give him. I didn’t know how much creative control I had. I thought I had to do some Roc-A-Fella s**t, but he was like “Yo, just do you!” So when I realized that, I picked the pace up. So the album is done now. So how would you critique Jay as a label executive? A couple of the Def Jam artists have expressed their frustration on how Jay handling everything at Def Jam.

Peedi Peedi: I appreciate him more as an artist. Can you elaborate more on that?

Peedi Peedi: By him being an artist and having him take on the responsibility of being an executive, I think maybe a little too much for him. I think he’s juggling too many things. When you doing all these things like the 40/40, the clothing line, sneakers, the record label, and Beyonce and all these Def Jam artists on the crack of your ass asking you about their projects, I’m sure it has to be a lot of pressure on him. It seems as though he’s having not a hard time but it’s like it’s his first run. I’m kind of a sacrifice. I’m suffering from him learning to adjust to everything. I’m not saying he can’t do it, but it takes some adjustment and it’s his first run and first level of play. I’m pretty sure when he get his feet wet and get in the groove, he’ll do his thing. He ain’t Quincy Jones or Barry Gordy, he’s an artist transforming into an executive. I’m pretty much sure that takes adjusting. Meanwhile, artists like me are suffering right now. We going through the s**t with him while he learning we waiting. I’m ready to get it cracking right now. I don’t know if he don’t know what to do with me. But he’s trying and I’m bearing with him right now as we speak. Real talk. I believe he got good intentions or else he would have dropped me or he wouldn’t pay me no mind. He still cutting checks to keep my project moving, to get these samples cleared and to get these producers paid. So he must give a f**k about me. Aight let’s talk about when you at the P. Diddy party and you see some of the Diplomats.

Peedi Peedi: Them n***as are my n***as. I was minding my business. I haven’t seen Juelz for a long time until I see him at this Puffy party. I thought me and him were aight. Now they got the “Ballin” shit and niggas done came up, they doing pretty good. I’m proud of them n***as. This is the crazy part. I see Jim first. He showed me a whole a lot of love. Jim is saying “You got to come holla at me, man. I don’t know what Jay was doing with you over there, but them n***as at Asylum f**king with you Crakk, and that I can get you a check up there.” So I go off and I bump into Juelz and he didn’t even look into my face. I went to give him a pound and he put his elbow to my chest like back up, like don’t get that close. I’m f**king mindboggled. There’s a n***a named [Jay] Bezel that is down with The Diplomats; he’s out of Philly. Now Bezel did some gay ass s**t. After I come home from the Puff party, I evaluated everything in my mind; I was like the ni**a was fronting on me. I’m going to chop on this n***a real quick, and get on a track and get at him. I did that song going at him then Bezel called me acting like he my man, like everything cool. I think Bezel had Juelz on three-way and s**t. But I didn’t know Santana on the three way. They did some girl s**t. Bezel called my phone saying Juelz was asking why I was going at him? I said he knows what’s up; tell him to date back to that Puff party; when he gave me some cool elbow to my chest dumb s**t. So Bezel is like, “Hold up a second,” and I hear Bezel talking to Juelz or whoever on the line. They said, “Hang up on that n***a,” and the phone went click.

A week later Bezel on the internet coming at me with all this hoe s**t. So Bezel f****t ass, we going to f**k him up because he did that punk s**t, you calling my phone acting like you my man and you from Philly. Then Un Kasa put some corny s**t out, then JR Writer too; all these weak ass n***as trying to air me out. Them niggas cannot f**k with me, none of them. The best nigga that can attempt to f**k with me is Juelz and he can’t even attempt [to]. Then Jim Jones come to Philly after I air Juelz out, and this n***a is at his show like “I hear Peedi Crakk be out here, he talking about my little brother Juelz and was like Crakk, you need to watch your mouth, boy. Keep my little brother out your mouth boy, you talking about him, then you talking about me.” Talking about he know me. He don’t know me from a can of s**t! So Jim need to relax, he don’t come across to be no G. Nobody is scared of Jim, I’m not one of those other n***as. They need to really chill out. I don’t care about all that gang s**t, no disrespect to the gangs, but I’m not affiliated to no gangs at all. I’m just a straight Philly n***a. So have you spoken to Cam throughout all of this?

Peedi Peedi: I haven’ spoken to Cam, that’s who I would love to speak to because Killa cut from a different cloth. Cam got some G in him. He don’t be doing that fake s**t, I don’t see it in him. That’s [probably] why I don’t see him with them n***as like that. So when can we expect a Peedi Peedi album?

Peedi Peedi: I promise you, my n***a, I’m giving Def Jam the benefit of the doubt, and they going to full blast the first single “Take Me Home” featuring Megan Rochelle. You can quote me, no disrespect to Def Jam or Jay, but if my s**t don’t drop by this summer, if my album isn’t on the shelf by June, I’m leaking that s**t myself. If the label ain’t going to do it, I’m going to do it myself.